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MTech in Computer Science & Information Technology
BTech in Electrical Engineering
Associate(Rtd). Professor
Dept.of Electrical & Electronics Engineering,
TKM College of Engineering
Kollam-5, Kerala, India
Teaching Experience – 23 yrs
Joined IEEE in 1986 as a student member and an active volunteer from 2007 onwards.

Awards and Appreciations

  • 1.Recipient of IEEE WiE Inspiring Member of the Year Award,2021
  • 2.Received appreciation certificate from the Director, IEEE Region 10 for rendering exemplary service as Finance co-chair for IEEE TENCON-2019
  • 3.The project, Automatic Waking Alert to Keep road Emergencies down (AWAKE) has received the TCS Best project award- 2018
  • 4.Recipient of Special appreciation certificate from The R10 Director, for volunteering in WIE as chair from 2014-2017
  • 5.Recipient of IEEE R10WIE Outstanding Professional Volunteer Award-2017
  • 6.Recipient of Outstanding IEEE PES WIE Volunteer Award -2017
  • 7.Recipient of IEEE Member Geographic & Achievement Award(MGA)-2014 as ‘Outstanding Student Branch Counsellor’
  • 8.Received Appreciation certificate from IEEE President for guiding the first HTC project, Electrification of 8 houses in Karukone, Anchal, Kerala.
  • 9.Received Special Appreciation certificate from IEEE Kerala Section for the volunteering in 2014
  • 10.Received appreciation certificate from IEEE for conducting ‘Early Carrier Faculty Development Programme.’ in 2014
  • 11. Received a Medal of Honor from IEEE SB of TKM Institute of Technology on May 2010

Volunteering in IEEE

  • 1.Chair- Professional Activities Committee, Kerala Section -2021
  • 2.Treasurer – IEEE Kerala Section – 2019-2020
  • 3.WIP-IEEE PES-2015-2020
  • 4.Publicity Chair, IEEE WIE ILS Kerala-2018
  • 5.Vice-Chair- IEEE PES, Kerala-2018
  • 6.Chair, IEEE WIE, Kerala Section, 2015 -2017
  • 7.Awards Committee Member, IEEE Kerala Section-2017
  • 8.Co-ordinated ‘The Electrification Project’, which electrified 28 houses in a rural village in Kollam,Kerala.-2016
  • 9.Promotional manager, IEEE WIE, Asia Pacific Region.(R10)- 2016
  • 10.Coordinator of the seminar on “Energy Conservation Drive among house wives in association with IEEE, EMC and Kudumbashri at TKMCE on 17/12/15 , which bagged ‘The Darrel Chaungh Award’ in GOLD category.
  • 11.IEEE PES Quiz Coordinator, Travancore Hub -2015
  • 12.Student Activity Board Member, IEEE Kerala Section-2015 -2017
  • 13.Coordinator- IEEE Shasthra Vismaya Workshop 2015 – 2017, a science workshop for socially backward girls in Nirbhaya Centres conducted at Vayanad, Idukki ,Trivandrum , Attappadi and Manjeri, which bagged the Best project Award of Kerala Section.
  • 14.Coordinator, IEEE WIE Summit Kerala 2015 & 2016
  • 15.IEEE WIE Working Committee member-2014
  • 16.Vice Student Activity Chair, Travancore Hub, IEEE Kerala Section-2011-13
  • 17.Co-Chair, Organising committee for ISGT-INDIA, 2011 an International conference jointly conducted by IEEE SB TKMCE , IEEE Kerala Section and IEEE PES, Kerala
  • 18. IEEE WIE Kerala Section Secretary- 2012-13
  • 19. IEEE WIE Kerala Section vice chair-2011
  • 20.IEEE SB Counsellor, TKM College of Engineering 2009-14
  • 21.IEEE SB Counsellor, TKM Institute of Tehnology-2008

International Conferences Organized

  • 1.Finance Chair-APPEEC-2021
  • 2.Finance Chair- PESGREE-2020
  • 3.Finance Co-Chair- TENCON-2019
  • 4.Publicity Chair –IEEE WIE ILS, Kerala-2018
  • 5.Coordinator -IEEE WIE Workshop in TENSYMP-2017
  • 6.Chair – Finance IEEE SPICES-2017
  • 7.Member- Publicity Committee IEEE International WIE Conference on Electrical & Computer Engg. IEEE WIECON-ECE2017
  • 8.Organising committee member- IEEE International WIE Conference on Electrical & Computer Engg. IEEE WIECON-ECE2016
  • 9.Co-Chair- Organising committee – ISGT INDIA-2011

Initiated Projects in IEEE (Debut)

  • 1.Electrification of 28 houses in a rural village, Edamulackal, Kollam, Kerala , who were in dark for the last 35 yrs. – 2017
  • 2.Automation of water pump in a rural place, Mantrothuruth, Kollam, Kerala, a SIGHT funded project – 2016-2017
  • 3.Coordinator- IEEE Shasthra Vismaya Workshop 2015 – 2017, a science workshop for socially backward girls in Nirbhaya Centres conducted at Vayanad, Idukki , Trivandrum , Attappadi and Manjeri, which bagged the Best project Award of Kerala Section
  • 4.WIE STAR conducted in Hub wise -2016
  • 5.24 hrs WIE Hackathone – 2016
  • 6.Coordinatored the seminar on “Energy Conservation Drive among house wives in association with IEEE, EMC and Kudumbashri at TKMCE on 17/12/15 , which bagged ‘The Darrel Chaungh Award’ in GOLD category.
  • 7.Energy Conservation Drive among house wives. – 2015
  • 8.CRENTO – 2014 (Bringing pre-university students to Engineering colleges , giving awareness of different branches of engg and familiarizing them with laboratories)
  • 9.WIECARE- Educating girl students in the orphanages. – 2013
  • 10.Electrification of 8 houses by solar in a forest area, near Karukone, Anchal, Kerala, India –A SIGHT funded project. (First HTC project in India) in 2010-2011
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WiP Committee Web-Meeting on Nov 6, 2021

Date: 06 Nov 2021
Time: 09:00~10:00 AM, EDT
Zoom Meeting
Moderator: Ruomei LI, WIP Chair

Meeting Attendees:

Ruomei Li, Lisien Leon, Chinelo Okafor, Adithya Rajeev, Celia Shahnaz, Wendy Guo, Bokani Mtengi, Omowunmi Longe, Mercy Chelangat, Jelena Ponocko, Olga Anderson, Gen Li, Tong li, Jiawei Wang, Keteng Jiang, Jing Sun, Huang Tong

Meeting agenda:

1. Opening Address: Ruomei Li

Dr. Ruomei Li expressed her welcome to participants to the meeting and introduced the main topics for today’s meeting. The first thing is to remind all participants to submit the confirmed recent activities and the future activity plan. The second topic is to update the Chapter position opening and application status. The third topic is to listen to different participants and exchange the recent information.

2. Discussion

Celia Shahnaz’s speech and discussion

Ruomei invited Celia Shahnaz who has been elected as the WIE Chair, to give some words.

Celia firstly expressed her thanks to have the opportunity to talk in the meeting. She thinks it is important for PES Members to participate technical activities. It will really help growing and retaining our membership. To make our network stronger, we should collaborate between regions, between chapters and emphasize more on technical activities. The majority of the students are undergraduate student. They’d like to do their research, to write their papers, so that they can get a good master submission. These students can get the benefit in IEEE registration. So, Celia always focused on technical activities, and she appealed that we pull up and support each other. Celia will talk about WIE in January. And she thanked Ruomei for her support and thanked all for supporting each other.

Ruomei commented that there are only about 700 members in WIP and hoped Celia could further support WIP when she starts her Chair in WIE organization. Celia commented that we should not be upset about the less member numbers of WIP. In fact, we have lots of PES female members, but they do not know the information and they don’t know they should go to the website to register themselves.

Introduction of Dr. Omowunmi Longe

Ruomei has introduced Omowunmi Longe from Africa who is announced as one of the Vice Chair. Since Mercy is having new responsibilities, and Dr. Omowunmi Longe is nominated and approved as one of the Vice Chaire. Ruomei invited Dr. Omowunmi Longe to give some words.

Dr. Omowunmi Longe firstly thanked the nomination and the approval, and she’s willing to serve in. And she will put into her abilities and experience and help to work with everyone on board to move WIP forward globally.
Roumei thanked Dr. Omowunmi Longe’s contribution to organize events in Africa.

Lisien Leon to introduce the WIP Global Summit

Lisien Leon shared the status of the preparation for WIP Global Summit. The program chair has coordinated for each session and we have invited different leaders in WIP to participate. To catch up more attendees in the summit, currently the media team have shared the information in different social media, soon a video will be posted too. The team were working very hard.

One more thing need everyone to do is to send the activity videos from our previous activities globally, to produce a pre-recorded video, which will be a part in the summit to show our WIP activities around the world.

Dr Gen Li introduced event in EU

On 20th Oct a special session is organized with the topic about the impact of climate change to power factory and our reaction. There are several experts were invited to talk about different perspectives and the attitudes for the future you’d actually persistent to face the future climate change and extreme weather. The event was successful. We received the comments and questions from the audience, and our experts shared their answers. It was quite interesting because this is the first technical session that we show more focused on showing experience from our role models from the University, from industry. We are now working on making a brief report, and then share it.

Ruomei commented that from industry from a university and there are young people, we have middle aged people. We need to make a corporation. And Ruomei suggested to give more WIP volunteers the opportunities for them to speak. We should recognize the volunteers to make real contributions, and we need to provide more opportunities to young people.

About volunteers’ serve term and new volunteer positions

Ruomei introduced that all WIP volunteer positions are opened and this is to get more people to gain opportunities to contribute. And recently she has had discussion about the serving term of volunteers within committee. The committee members are all agreed that two years is a proper term. And it was agreed that for every year, we have to update about the activity status. If there’s no activity at all in one section, the volunteer position must be opened again.

The secretary team has prepared a brief update for the volunteer application status. Tong Li presented the application status of Chapter application. Firstly the application links are published in WIP website and in total 346 positions are open for applying. Until 31st October we have received 93 applications and among which there are 85 applications which are qualified. In some sections there are multiple applications so later on we will need to discuss a process how to determine the final candidate.

Celia asked the question about when there is already a Chapter in a section, if the Chapter will need to apply again. Ruomei answered the question that it’s recommended to apply again and the Section Representative could nominate and support the application. Celia commented that in her Region she usually request the representatives to nominate the Chapter volunteers that they know, who are performing very well in the local chapter. It is a great job to open the positions to all. Then the suggestion is to share this detailed information to the chapter chair, so that they can really give this information to the local volunteer. It will create more visibility. Ruomei is fully agreed with comment and mentioned that the applicant should come from the section location.

Introduce new regional representatives

Olga Anderson: She’s from R6 and is an engineer and educator by training and has my own company that provides sustainable solutions for all grid communities. She worked in humanitarian field for over a year. Olga completely agreed that there are a lot of women in power industry that just don’t know about the or opportunities. She’s going to send out a survey that ask the question about what exactly people are looking for. And for young professionals even students who are just trying to go into power industry, how we could encourage them, how we would create a mentoring environment for them. She would appreciate the input from participants that next she will be trying to start a joint lecture series on leadership empower. There’s a list of about 12 people that would give a monthly seminar. Olga will further share the ideas later.

Chinelo Okafor: She’s from Nigeria in West Africa. She’s an electrical engineer and run a company about training, social media marketing and engineering services. She has been able to set their first meeting in Nigeria and set a goal to increase the membership for WIP. And the second goal is being able to train and impact the students in electrical engineering departments. They will be more concerned on giving engineer skill sets for students in electrical engineering departments in schools in Nigeria.

Wendy Guo: Wendy is from the North America and currently in the Washington DC region. She’s an electrical engineering and hosted a PhD in electrical engineering. And now she’s working more towards the simulation, specially for the smart grid, on how to simulate the inverters and power quality equipment regarding the new grid. She’s doing lots of technical work. Wendy has been in the organization for a while and has participated lot technical seminars. So now she’s considering how she could host more technical seminars, either collaborate with other regions, or just by North America itself, because she thinks through the seminar people are more active to present their ideas and have more interactions. The second thing is about education. Just as participants mentioned, how we give opportunities to young people, how we could attract them to join us. Weny will be glad to get more idea from the meeting participants and WIP members.

Introduction for working volunteers from secretary office

Tong Huang: supported to organize monthly meetings nearly 2 years now. Recently he’s working on resilience.

Keteng JIANG: She’s from a Research Institute from China and is responsible for sending different information via email to all representatives and members.

Jing Sun: He’s the database expert and working on maintenance of our website and publish news etc.

  1. Summary

In the end, Dr Li Ruomei expressed her pity that soon she will have the due day of her service term. She thought she could gain better performance during the two years but due to different reasons she will finish her serving term for 2 years soon. During her long terms of being volunteer in different organization, she thinks it’s important to share information openly and give opportunities and encourage different people to contribute.

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WiP Committee Web-Meeting on Aug 29, 2021

Date: 29 Aug 2021
Time: 09:00~10:00 AM, EDT
Zoom Meeting
Moderator: Ruomei LI, WIP Chair

Meeting Attendees:
Ruomei Li, Ajay Kumar, Simay Akar, Adithya Rajeev, Celia Shahnaz, Shay Bahramirad, Preethy Warrier, Laila Beavogui, Mercy Chelangat, Uduak Akpanedet, Keteng Jiang, Tong li, Jiawei Wang, Shiqi Fang, Ying Wang, Jing Sun, Huang Tong

1. Opening Address: Ruomei Li

Ruomei Li
Dr. Ruomei Li announced the goals and key points of this meeting: focus on the requirement and expectation of WIP members. She said that, not only WIP members, but also PES members should contribute more to the development of WIP society. She hopes the members could give their own opinion about the requirement of WIP members.

2. Inviting attendees to share comments

Ajay Kumar
Ajay Kumar and his team gave a short presentation in this meeting. Ajay suggested WIP to set up mini courses, which could promote the awareness of climate change. He said that some people in Africa are lack of the awareness of climate change. Based on that, it is necessary to set up the mini course to help the members learning about climate change and how important, how urgency, how we can reduce the effect of climate change as well as the carbon footprint. Furthermore, PES society and WIP could be promoted through these courses. In the following days, he tends to collaborate the entire team from different regions to collect the opinions, such as how to plan this course better and how to develop materials for this course.

Uduak Akpanedet
Uduak Akpanedet shared the opinions about the media effort. She suggested that it is necessary to develop PES WIP social media to promote items. Such as update PES WIP logos, present templates on website and social media, collect material from each region, recruit volunteers for PES design team. She also gave the suggestions about the forms and content of the promotion: PES WIP regional should be collaborated to promote PES WIP benefits. Flyers could be updated on social media to announce the PES WIP benefits. The event reporting portal should be designed to receive the activities information across the global. As a conclusion, she tends to promote PES WIP newsletter and website on social media.

Laila Beavogui
Laila Beavogui shared her information about the climate change conference. As part of this conference, a global youth engineering climate change conference will be held in September. This conference will focus on the climate change information with a lot of different industry speakers from around the world. Laila explained the definition of youth engineering: in the range of 18-35 years old. She encouraged the WIP members to share this conference information in their own region and feel free to join in.

Mercy Chelangat
In Mercy Chelangat’s presentation, she firstly welcomed Sarah, the new chair of WIP R8 from Jordan. She said, Sarah is a student from technical university and will plan the activities for WIP Africa. She also described the social session that was finished in the past week. She said that, in this social session, you can find that women engineers develop toward the sustainability. And She also organized the technical session in partnership with WIE and PES, call on women to take participate in power and energy research. In the end, she invited the audience to attend the Omicron energizing women summit and share the link, which is coming up this Sep.15.

Celia Celiashahn
Celia Celiashahn is running the election of WIE Chair. She shared her experience and actions of the recent activities. Celia concentrated on the activities, which are able to involve and engage more members. In the last year, she and her colleagues finished WIE 19th congress, and they invited different technical societies, include the women who interested in WIP. She tries to involve more WIP representatives not only in regional 10 but also all members from the whole world. In the end, she showed her wish: more women and PES WIP member are involved in humanitarian technology and project design.

Gen Li
Gen Li is the Vice Chair of IEEE Young Professional, and he used to work in WIP. In this meeting, he shared his comment and work plan due to his experience. Gen Li said that in the past years, IEEE Young Professional has organized different successful activities and events. And at the same time, WIP also organized some excellent activities. In the future, he tends to apply for the collaboration and joint event between 2 committees.

  1. Introduction of the Secretary volunteer team

Sun Jing comes from Beijing and join the committee as the webmaster.
Fang Shiqi made every email which was send from CIGRE.
Wang Ying introduced herself as a post doctor in Tsinghua University. And now she is a member of WIP secretary. She would like to keep contributing to WIP in the future.
Thanks to Huang Tong, who comes from China and got his PHD degree in Texas A&M university, due to his organization of monthly meeting.

  1. Summary

In the end, Dr Li Ruomei said that, although WIP are non-governmental organization, and the members are volunteers without any financial support, WIE are trying their best to provide the opportunities for members to support them, to give them functions and recommendations.

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WIP Session in ISGT EU 2021 –“Impact of Climate Change to Power Security and our actions”

On October 20, the ISGT EU 2021 – WIP Session is held by video mode. The theme of this session is the impact of climate change on power security and our actions. Experts and scholars in the field of energy and power from many countries gathered here to discuss and exchange on hot issues in-depth, such as power security, energy production and supply, and how to effectively respond to the challenge of climate change. The conference aims to help more women in the field of energy and power to give full play of their potential and continuously promote the progress of the industry.

Dr. Ruomei Li, chairman of IEEE PES WIP (women in power), Dr. Damir Novosel, president of Quanta Technology, elected chairman of IEEE Power and Energy Instiitute, former chairman of PES Technical Committee, and Dr. Julio Romero Agüero, vice president and executive consultant of strategy and business innovation, addressed the conference. Six female experts in the field of energy and power, including Haarla Liisa from Finland, Lina Bertling Tjernberg from Sweden, Mercy Chelangat from Africa, Xiaohui Yang from China, Gerd Kjølle and Rannveig Loken from Norway, gave keynote reports. Professor Li Gen of Cardiff University presides the session.

Dr. Ruomei Li first expressed her gratitude to the Finnish team, the host of ISGT EU 2021. She pointed that in the past two years, natural disasters caused by climate change, such as storms, floods and earthquakes have occurred all over the world, posing challenges to power security. As engineers of energy and power, our responsibility is to provide safe, reliable and sufficient power for users. I believe that the experience sharing of experts in this session will bring us more help and inspiration.

Ruomei Li

Dr. Damir Novosel pointed that, at present, we need a new and inclusive perspective to solve the industry challenges, and women play an important role in promoting the development of clean energy. Since 2012, PES WIP has made many achievements, and there is still a long way to go in the future. We should constantly pass on good experience to the younger, encourage them to play a role and inspire their power to change the world.

Damir Novosel

Dr. Julio Romero Agüero pointed that, the energy and power industry is undergoing unprecedented changes, the energy transformation, electrification and artificial intelligence will all play vital role in the development process. The younger female engineers have great potential in promoting the industry development. Encouraging them to participate in PES WIP activities is one of our main goals, which also has great significance.

Julio Romero Agüero
Gen Li

At the theme report stage, the six female experts separately introduced the power security problems they encountered and the corresponding measures, from the actual situation of their country.
Dr. Liisa Haarla, the chief expert of Finland power grid, described four simulation scenarios of hydro power, wind power, solar power and energy storage management by Finland power grid, with the background of the Finland’s goal of carbon neutral by 2035 and the local climate change situation. She pointed that, it is very important to understand system dynamics and its change mode, to maintain power system security.

Liisa Haarla

Lina Bertling Tjernberg, professor of KTH power grid technology, introduced the technical solution to realize the sustainable power grid, and looked forward to its development prospect from the power system reliability, security and adaptability. She mentioned that KTH has mastered some exciting new technologies and is working to improve energy efficiency, to realize circular economy.

Lina Bertling Tjernberg

Professor Gerd Kjølle, the chief scientist and head of smart distribution research center, introduced how to ensure the power supply security in the case of climate change and transition to future smart grid. She stressed that coping climate change, realizing energy transformation and ensuring power security, are important tasks at present. To handle the security supply challenges, it is important to investigate the resilience of power system.

Gerd Kjølle

Xiaohui Yang, senior engineer of State Grid Henan Electric Power Research Institute of China, introduced the impact of abnormal rainfall on Henan power grid on July 21, the found problems in power facilities, and the corresponding measures taken by the power grid company. She pointed that, for medium and low-voltage county regional distribution networks, it is necessary to improve the ability to resist the risk of climate change, and its operation mode should become more flexible with the access of distributed power generation. It is very necessary to take multiple measures to improve the county power grid operation and maintenance level.

Xiaohui Yang

Mercy Chelangat, an enthusiastic volunteer of IEEE PES Kenya branch, pointed that, at present, the whole world is encouraging energy transformation, and many renewable energy technologies in Kenya are also making progress, which will reduce pollution and damage to the ecosystem. She advocated everyone to join the publicity of climate protection and promote the sustainable development of ecological environment.

Mercy Chelangat

Rannveig LOKEN, the chair of CIGRE SC B5, introduced some information about SC B5 working group. She pointed that, with the access of renewable energy such as solar and wind to the power grid, some innovative research is needed. We should put forward some effective suggestions and solutions to ensure the stability of power system, and share these experiences and achievements, so as to jointly promote new technological progress in the power protection and control field.

Rannveig LOKEN

In the Q & A stage, participants made further exchanges on topics they interested in.

Q: What is the impact of hydrogen technology on power grid and energy security?

Gerd Kjølle: Hydrogen is one of the strategic choices for green energy transformation. It can become a flexible and storable resource. We should make full use of its flexibility to realize flexible production, transportation and storage.

Q: What does it mean for grid dispatchers to turn the reliability of power system into adaptability oriented?

Gerd Kjølle:Early warning of power system is a comprehensive system of prevention, correction and recovery, so the dispatcher must investigate what happened or will happen from early warning to later, and also need to know the supply and recovered situation, which is a series of comprehensive measures.

Q:Will climate change pose potential risks to power equipment?

Liisa Haarla:We need to answer it through power system simulation, but the problem is that if we use the traditional generation models, we can not accurately reflect the system characteristics. Another problem is that, when simulating the future system, it is impossible to put all power generation models in one system. We don’t even know what kind of wind generation there will be in the future, so there is uncertainty.

Q: When extreme weather disasters occur in Henan, China, how does the local power company ensure the power supply of important users such as hospitals and traffic lights?

Xiaohui YANG: Power companies usually provided two power supply lines for important users such as hospitals, railway stations and public service places in the design of distribution network system, which solves this problem to a certain extent. At the same time, these important users usually equipped with emergency diesel generators. In the future, with more and more renewable energy power generation connected to the power grid, the upgrading and transformation of medium and low voltage distribution network is imperative. We also propose that some important users can invest in energy storage to deal with emergencies.

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Olga Anderson

Olga Anderson is Past Chair of IEEE Smart Village Education (a priority initiative of the IEEE Foundation). She has 30 years of experience as a humanitarian engineer, educator, and linguist, with a series of high-profile projects worldwide.

Olga received Master’s degrees in Education and Philology from Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv (Kiev, Ukraine) and Mechanical Engineering from St. Martin’s University (Olympia, WA, USA).

After graduation, she helped coordinate an international disaster relief project serving thousands of victims and families affected by the Chernobyl accident. Subsequently, she moved to the United States and worked with a series of NGOs serving disadvantaged youth and adults throughout New York City. During this period, her work and impact were recognized by a wide range of philanthropic programs and government officials. She continued to work in the STEM education sector for another 15 years, founding a series of training centers serving disadvantaged children and refugees from SE Asia and Latin America.

In 2015, she joined IEEE Smart Village and has served in a number of leadership roles for advancing IEEE’s signature program of “Advancing Technology for the Benefit of Humanity.” The IEEE Smart Village program serves as the IEEE member-driven seed fund for launching holistically sustainable entrepreneurs providing electricity, education, and economic empowerment to the poorest communities of Africa, India, and SE Asia.

From January 2017 to June 2020, she chaired the Education Committee of IEEE Smart Village and oversaw eight Working Groups, developing programs and education materials covering a spectrum of topics from women’s empowerment to microgrid design to sustainable agriculture. In 2018, Olga’s committee was awarded $500,000 USD by the IEEE Power & Energy Society board to fund nine education and women’s empowerment projects in Cameroon, Kenya, Nigeria, Rwanda, Uganda, India, Papua New Guinea, and Galapagos Islands (Ecuador).

Olga is a charter member of the Silicon Valley Smart Village Rotary e-club and has worked with Rotary service clubs on numerous projects worldwide to provide clean water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH) facilities, along with literacy, numeracy, entrepreneurship, and women’s empowerment training.

Olga has been awarded numerous recognitions during her academic career and subsequently as a humanitarian educator and engineer. Most recently, she was awarded the “Outstanding IEEE member who promoted Global Humanitarian Projects or Activities” by IEEE Region 6.

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Newsletter – Aug.2021


Women in power and energy research in Denmark

WiPOn the afternoon of May 31st, the ‘‘Women in Power: Females in Research’’ event was successfully held at the Center for Electric Power and Energy (CEE), Department of Electrical Engineering, Technical University of Denmark (DTU). The purpose was to initiate a new subgroup under the IEEE PES Women in Power (WiP) committee for all female power and energy researchers in Denmark, in order to encourage young female researchers in electrical engineering to be more confident, by sharing their personal experiences and talking to role models….


PES Kerala Chapter’s Update: WOW 2.0, Orion 2.0 and Other Events

WiPIEEE PES Kerala Chapter (PES-KC) together with the Women in Power (WiP) community successfully organized the second session of Women of Wisdom (WOW 2.0) on 16th May 2021. The Guest Speaker for the session was Ms. Latha Chembrakalam, Vice-President, Robert Bosch Engineering and Business Solutions Ltd. She shared her experiences on the ‘Women in Technology and Leadership’. She shared some important aspects of her career, such as overcoming obstacles, work-life integration, and time management. Following the session, there was an interactive Q/A session.


PES-HAC Update: A Memoriam Meeting was Organized in Remembrance of Frank C. Lambert


IEEE Power and Energy Society Humanitarian Activity Committee (PES-HAC), in remembrance of our beloved IEEE PES President (2020-21) Frank C. Lambert, organized a Memoriam Meeting on 14 August Saturday.


We will continue to send you related information via email (if you do not wish to receive these messages, please let us know via email).

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Jiawei Wang

Jiawei Wang is currently a postdoctoral researcher at the Department of Electrical Engineering, Technical University of Denmark, Copenhagen, Denmark. She received her Ph.D. and M.Sc. from Technical University of Denmark, in 2020 and 2016, respectively.

She received her B.Eng from Northeastern University, Shenyang, China in 2014. She had her exchange study at KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Sweden as the Erasmus+ program awardee, and the University of New South Wales in Australia as the Otto Moensted Foundation awardee.

Her research interests include multi-energy systems, energy system resilience, power system operation and big data. She has worked on 5 international research projects and published more than 15 research papers, including an IEEE PES General Meeting best paper.

She is an active IEEE PES, IEEE PES Women in Power, and IEEE young professional member. She was the awardee of the Villum Fonden International Postdoc program in Denmark, which aims to support the advancement of talented postdoc women in research careers.

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Women in power and energy research in Denmark

IEEE PES Women in Power, Denmark section, News report

On the afternoon of May 31st, the ‘‘Women in Power: Females in Research’’ event was successfully held at the Center for Electric Power and Energy (CEE), Department of Electrical Engineering, Technical University of Denmark (DTU). The purpose was to initiate a new subgroup under the IEEE PES Women in Power (WiP) committee for all female power and energy researchers in Denmark, in order to encourage young female researchers in electrical engineering to be more confident, by sharing their personal experiences and talking to role models. If you want to support or join the new subgroup in Denmark under the IEEE PES WiP committee, you are welcome to contact Jiawei Wang,

The event was initiated by several PhDs and Postdoctoral researchers from CEE. Other than the initiators, several other CEE employees participated, including the Communications Officer Rikke Høm Jensen from the department. Senior researcher Yi Zong from CEE gave a presentation. Due to the Covid-19 limitations, the event was a hybrid of online and physical.

The initiators firstly gave a short introduction, where they discussed their motivations for starting the IEEE WiP subgroup. These include bringing awareness to the challenges of being a woman in the research field of power and energy, as well as offering a platform for sharing personal experiences. In addition, the initiators would like to address some specific questions related to diversity, such as: why are there few female professors in the field in Denmark? what is keeping female power and energy researchers back from a career in academia?

Many of the participants experience that they are less risk-taking and confident at the beginning of their career than their male colleagues. They also feel stressed and peer-pressured by male colleagues who do not show when they are insecure. Many of the women lack perspectives and guidance from female role models.

After the introduction, Senior Researcher Yi Zong gave a presentation entitled ‘’Female in Research – My experience at CEE/DTU’’.
In her presentation, Yi Zong introduced her experiences in academia, since she joined CEE in 2007 as a postdoctoral researcher. She has been involved in 10+ research projects including Horizon 2020, Energy Technology Development and Demonstration Program (EUDP), Innovation Fund Denmark (IFD) and Sino-Danish projects. Apart from her research, she is also in charge of project management, teaching two bachelor and master courses, coordinating a DANIDA (Danish International Development Agency) course, and supervising PhD and master students. She received many awards, such as Best Paper Award, Outstanding reviewer, and CEE Award, which she sees as the outcomes of her hardworking attitude and fruitful results.

Yi Zong also shared her experience as a female in a male dominated working environment. Her best advice to young female researchers is to enhance their professional knowledge and expertise and to be optimistic. As she sees, fewer females in the research area indicates more opportunities for women. In her experience, self-confidence will naturally grow when facing difficulties and challenges, such as managing multiple tasks of teaching, research and supervising. Lastly, she shared her experience on balancing family and work. Yi Zong stressed that her success was partly due to her husband’s strong support.

After the presentation, the event participants had the opportunity to ask questions and had a short discussion. Among others, the discussion focused on how to stay confident in a male -dominated working place, and how to address biases. After this event, other discussions followed among the participants, where they shared how they relate to Yi Zong’s experience, whether they agree or not with her analysis and what they want to take from it and to apply to their own careers.

A group photograph during the event is shown below.

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WiP Presents: Transportation Electrification – Innovation in Technology and Policy to Meet Demand

Erika Meyers, WRI Ross Center for Sustainable Cities
Bridget Malinowki, AECOM

Dr. Dana Al-Qadi, AECOM

This session featured a conversation with national thought leaders on how innovative ideas both in technology and policy can be leveraged to scale transportation electrification efforts and meet carbon reduction goals that are being set throughout the nation. Topics included Public EV charging networks in communities, importance of data in optimizing infrastructure implementation and innovative electrification and transportation concepts that can significantly reduce emissions and have long-term transformative impacts on communities.

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IEEE PES WiP Chinese Committee Organizes Fundraising Activities, Show Love To the People in Disaster Areas

Since July 17, 2021, heavy rainfall continues in many parts of Henan Province, Zhengzhou and 10 other cities suffered heavy floods, the disaster touched the hearts of all Chinese people. Residential, power supply, transportation, medical care, school education, and the supply of daily necessities are all in difficulty, and the consequences of the disaster are still spreading.

In the midst of this devastation, led by Chair Ruomei Li, with the help of Tencent’s public welfare platform, the Nanyang Charity Federation of Henan province helped raise funds to help the affected families in Zhengzhou, Henan province. The donation activity received a rapid response, from 8 a.m. on July 23, 2021 to 23 p.m. the event ended, a total of 147 people donated, a total of 16,793.51 yuan. The main participants are electric power scientists, most of whom are women.

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