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China Electric Power Research Journals Center Co-construction with Campus Activities was Successfully Held in Wuhan University of Technology

China Electric Power Research Journals Center Co-construction with Campus Activities was successfully held in the School of Automation, Wuhan University of Technology on June 30st, 2023. It was organized by the editorial department of 《High Voltage Engineering》 and 《High Voltage》 of China Electric Power Research Journals Center and sponsored by IEEE PES China Chapter Council Women in Power (IEEE PCCC WiP) and IEEE PES Wuhan Chapter. Dr. Zheng Xiao, editorial director of 《High Voltage》 and deputy director of 《High Voltage Engineering》, and 3 other senior experts, Ms. Qiuping He, Ms. Yangyang Yu and Ms. Zifeng Cheng, from the editorial department delivered several lectures on paper writing skills for teachers and students on campus. Postgraduate students and some undergraduate students participated in the lecture, which lasted nearly 3 hours, and the atmosphere of on-site discussion was heated.

The event was hosted by Dr. Hui Hou from School of Automation, Wuhan University of Technology, a member of the Youth Expert Group of China Electric Power Research Journals Center, and also a member of the IEEE PCCC WiP. Firstly, Prof. Li Xiangshun, who is the Deputy Dean of School of Automation, Wuhan University of Technology, introduced the school’s system structure, talent training, scientific research and other aspects, and extended sincere welcome and thanks to the invited guests from China Electric Power Research Journals Center. Several teachers such as Dr. Xixiu Wu and Dr. Jinrui Tang, etc. and many students participate in the activity.

Then, Dr. Xiao Zheng introduced the general situation of China Electric Power Research Journals Center and 《High Voltage Engineering》 as well as 《High Voltage》. The journals of China Electric Power Research Journals Center include 《Proceedings of the CSEE》, 《CSEE JPES》, 《Power Grid Technology》, 《High Voltage Engineering》, 《High Voltage》, 《Power Information and Communication Technology》 and other mainstream electrical engineering journals in China. Afterwards, Ms. He Qiuping and Ms. Yu Yangyang respectively gave lectures entitled “Writing of Scientific and Technological Papers and Academic Integrity” and “English Paper Submission Skills”. They gave in-depth explanations on the writing skills of Chinese and English scientific research papers, submission matters, review process, academic integrity and review comments. The lectures covered the overall process of paper submission, including many editors’ own review experiences, the content was detailed, profound and interesting, combined with reality.

Furthermore, the teachers and students on campus actively participated in the Q&A session. The editors answered patiently to each question in detail. The lively atmosphere of the on-site discussion focused on current research topics, writing tips and journal preferences, and teachers and students gained a lot.

At the end of the lecture, all the teachers and students took a group photo with the journal editors, marking a successful end to this activity.

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IEEE PES DAY of 2023——WiP in powering a climate safer future

IEEE PES DAY of 2023 Forum, with topic on WIP in Powering a Climate Safer Future, was successfully held on April 16, 2023 at SEEE Building in Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Wuhan, China. This forum was guided by IEEE PES China Chapter Countcil (PCCC), organized by IEEE PES WIP and IEEE PES Wuhan Chapter and co-organized by School of Electrical Engineering, Huazhong University of Science and Technology.

The forum was hosted by Prof. Zang Chunyan, the Representative of IEEE PES WIP Wuhan Chapter. She first introduced the attending guests, warmly welcomed everyone’s arrival, and deeply reviewed the heroic fight against the Covid-19 and the great victory achieved by the people of Wuhan in the past three years, believing that this spirit will surely inspire energy technology workers all over the world to create a better future of “Powering in a Climate Safer Future”. Subsequently, honor guests including Fan Kuanjun, Chair Bian Jianhua, Larissa Paredes Muse, Bie Zhaohong, Li Ruomei, and Han Lei delivered welcome address individually.

During the speech, Dean Fan introduced the remarkable achievements made by the School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering of Huazhong University of Science and Technology in the field of electricity and energy through years of technological research, and emphasized the significant role of women which cannot be ignored. She called on everyone to work together to achieve a deep empowerment of electrical engineering in the era of double carbon, with their collective efforts.

Jianhua Bian, the IEEE PES Chair, prepared the speech presentation carefully for this event. After briefly reviewing her 30 years of work experience in the field of electric power energy, she comprehensively introduced the organizational functions and development status of the international academic institution, IEEE PES, and highlighted the theme of today’s IEEE PES DAY event,”Powering in a Climate Safer Future,”issuing a call to all WIP members.

Larissa Paredes Muse, the Chair of IEEE PES DAY, expressed her strong support for this event during her speech. She highly appreciated the contributions made by Chinese IEEE PES members to the development of this important academic organization, and expressed great confidence in the achievements of women technology workers in “Powering in a Climate Safer Future”.

Bie Zhaohong, the Chair of IEEE PCCC, firstly expressed congratulations on the IEEE PES Day of 2023, and then briefly summarized the century opportunities and challenges of the electrical engineering field, especially the significant impact of environmental changes. She believes that female technology researchers have played an extremely important role in the progress of power technology, hoping that more young female engineers will join the WIP. In the end, Prof. Bie expresses her gratitude to the organizer of the forum.

IEEE WIP Honorary Chair and senior expert Li Ruomei first briefly reviewed the establishment history of IEEE PES and WIP, and discussed the greater role these international academic organizations may play in the future. She called on more IEEE PES and WIP members to take active action to promote this historical process, while also expressing sincere gratitude to the organizers of the event.

Ms. Han Lei, Vice Chair of the IEEE PCCC WIP, explained the theme of the three experts invited by this event. The focus was on how female researchers carry out outstanding scientific research work, high-level international academic journals, and the formulation of international standards. She believed that these speeches had important practical significance, and also expressed her expectations for more female researchers to make outstanding scientific research results and do positive academic exchanges.

Weixin Guo, the professor from SEEE of HUST, gave a talk entitled with “Exploring the Future Energy of Humanity Based on National Large Scientific Devices”.At the beginning, she showed a group photo of all the females (teachers and students) in the fusion institute, and a banner that they made specifically for IEEE PES DAY which reads “As bright as a ray of sun, let’s work together to create a brighter future”. This vividly showed the enthusiasm and hope of female researchers in the fusion institute who are committed to fusion energy research with their artificial sun devices. Prof. Guo then went on to review the development process of the J-TEXT laboratory, recounted the brilliant achievements made by researchers from HUST in the journey to realize controllable nuclear fusion, and outlined the blueprint for human beings to master the controllable nuclear fusion technology in the future.

Yu Yangyang, the Editor of the Joural “High Voltage”, reported on “Analysis on the requirements of International academic journal for papers and dual carbon guidance”. She briefly introduced the six academic journals published by the Journals Center of China Electric Power Research Institute and the special issues organized for dual carbon needs. Then she shared the normal procedures of manuscript processing and the decision distribution of the academic journal, as well as the main points that editors pay attention to in the first sight and the corresponding handling advice from the aspects of manuscript style, scope, ethics and innovation. Finally, she pointed out that if authors have questions or needs, do not hesitate to contact the journal editors, who work to publish quality papers not to reject them.

Cai Huanqing, the Chair of IEEE Standard P3327,shared her experience on “how to apply for and write international standards”. In her speech, the first content is the process and basic requirements of applying for IEEE international standards were introduced. Secondly, taking the “IEEE P3327 Recommended Practice for Unmanned Aerial Vehicle for Substation Inspection ” as a typical case, the article shared in detail how to apply for IEEE international standards, including: ① Ideas, ② how to write a good PAR, and ③finding ‘Supporters’ (a suitable IEEE Standard Technical Committee in this field), ④ Submit proposal (experience from rejection to approval). Finally, from the aspects of working group formation, development kick-off meeting and so on, the drafting methods of IEEE international standards were introduced.

Finally, Prof. Wang Xiaoru, the Chair of IEEE PCCC WIP, summarized the conference. She warmly congratulated the successful convening of the forum and expressed appreciation to all the guests for their wonderful speeches. She emphasized the value of the reports made by the three speakers, which provided a lot of help and encouragement. She also mentioned that the achievements of the “artificial sun” were inspiring, and the female researchers in the team have left a deep impression on all of us. At the end of the speech, Prof. Wang said passionately“Let us encourage, help, and support each other, and work together for the earth and the future of humanity in the face of the climate crisis”.

This successful academic event has aroused strong reactions from all participants. Larissa Paredes Muse, the Chair of IEEE PES DAY, said that she was “greatly inspired and impressed.” The attending students expressed that they learned a lot of “practical knowledge”, thought that the forum was well-organized, and all three speakers were excellent. And Li Ruomei, the IEEE WIP Honorary Chair, also encouraged the organizer to have more activities like this.

(By IEEE PES WIP Wuhan Chapter, 2023/4/25)

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NGO CSW 67 Parallel Forum – Why and how to promote roles of elder females of S&T fields

Foreword: Today, the proportion of the elderly population in the world continues to rise, but the only option after entering the old age is to provide for the aged? But in fact, it’s not. Especially older female scientific and technological workers have rich knowledge and practical experience. In addition, as women, they care more about human needs and the protection of the natural environment, and are better at coordinating and dealing with various social conflicts.

On March 13, during the 67th NGO Committee on the Status of Women (NGO CSW 67), the New Future Foundation organized a parallel forum on “Why and how to promote the role of older women in technology”. The forum aims to discuss the promotion of the role of older women in the field of science and technology, while also contributing to the development of women’s status and rights. Dr. Ruomei Li, former chair of IEEE PES WIP, served as the chair of the forum. The forum invited Queen Mother Blakely, chair of the New Future Foundation, Rob Stephen, former chairman of CIGRE, Cheng Donghong, former vice chair of the China Association for Science and Technology, and Maria Jesus Prieto-Laffargue, former chair of WFEO, to deliver keynote speeches Speeches were also attended by Wang Rize, a researcher at the Sichuan Energy Internet Research Institute of Tsinghua University, Jiawei Wang, chair of the Danish branch of WIP, Dr. Gan Wei from Cardiff University, and Sun Jing, a WIP volunteer. Hosted by Dr. Root.

Dr. Ruomei Li, the chair of the forum, first delivered a speech. She said that the role of older women in the field of science and technology should be promoted. People are living longer, but both old and middle-aged people need to be treated with respect. We should pay more attention to this because every human life needs to be respected.

In her speech, Queen Mother said that the use of the experience of female tech experts and the participation of older women in tech are critical. We need to balance technology and participation, pass on legacy, and work towards building a sustainable world for the future. She believes that young women should join science and technology research and learn the skills and abilities of older women, which will be necessary for our society in the rapid development of science and technology.

Rob Stephen started by introducing the CIGRE organization, which consists of 4350 experts in more than 90 countries who unite to solve common technical problems. He then stated that although women are relatively underrepresented in the field, research has found that they bring different perspectives and additional diversity to the discussion, suggesting solutions that men would not think of, changing the dynamics within working groups. dynamic, allowing for more open and generous discussions, so the importance of discovering women in tech cannot be overlooked.

In her speech, Dr Ruomei Li encouraged young women to get involved in technology to address gender imbalance. She said that older women have rich experience and knowledge in the field of science and technology, and should be given more opportunities and resources to contribute to the development of diversity and inclusion. She said that mentality has an important impact on health, so everyone should be respected, especially women and the elderly. She then shared her own experience. He believed that the world is progressing, and women’s role in leadership is becoming more and more important, which will bring more benefits to social development. She said that we should not let down those who have helped us, money cannot buy time, we should make good use of and enjoy every day.

Cheng Donghong started from her own experience. She said that after retirement, she hopes to stand behind young people and give them some encouragement. She believes that discussions with young people do not need to be too formal, and young people should be encouraged to speak out their thoughts and give some advice when they need it.

Maria Jesus Prieto-Laffargue believes that matching population aging and population imbalance with the needs of global inclusive and sustainable development requires the right ethics, which means high-quality scientific and engineering talents. The sheer nature of technological disruption requires skills and attributes unique to older women in science and engineering, and senior women engineers and scientists should have the option to retire voluntarily to encourage them to join boards and networks for high-profile debate supported by international institutions, governments and businesses .

Afterwards, all the participants had a heated discussion on the topic of this forum.

Gan Wei asked Ruomei Li: “Many male researchers serve as assistants to women. Do you think young women can also serve as mentors to young men?” Dr. Ruomei Li replied, “Diversification and independent thinking are important, whether young people Whether it is the elderly, male or female, everyone should have space to express their views and thoughts. We should respect everyone’s independent ideas and values, rather than just focusing on titles or status. Achieve yourself and make yourself valuable It is the goal that everyone should pursue.”

Jiawei Wang worked in the power system, and she found that there were more men than women. She asked Ruomei Li, “As an older woman, do you think technology and science should help promote gender balance, such as having more girls in academia?” Inequity does exist, and women need to be given more opportunities, especially those who are mothers or have more family responsibilities. This can be achieved by providing flexible ways of studying and working. Doing so can help improve gender balance and Empowering more women to participate in the digital technology age”.

Wang Rize from Tsinghua Sichuan Energy Internet Research Institute asked Ruomei LI “Older women working in science and technology may be role models for other older men, is it possible for us to eliminate discrimination against older women and help older women do better in science and technology ?”, Ruomei LI replied, “Improving women’s influence in the field of science and technology needs to use their thinking advantages and focus on the direction of climate change. Although they cannot change their disadvantages, they can use what they are good at.”

Dr. Li Gen, an associate professor from the Technical University of Denmark, believes that older leaders in the power industry give young professionals the opportunity to participate in networking and join industry associations, and create a platform for them to help them build experience and relationships. In addition, the contributions and risk-taking spirit of older leaders are important to guide the career development of young people.

At the end, Dr. Li Ruomei made a concluding speech, she said that we should strive to do a better job every day, and share opinions and opportunities, instead of pursuing perfection. Sometimes missed opportunities can also bring you new development opportunities, increase your network, and lay the foundation for greater contributions.

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NI Ming

Former Chairman of IEEE PCCC, Doctor of Southeast University, Postdoctoral of Iowa State University. IEEE Senior Member, Professional Engineer (PE) in Ohio, USA. He successively served as lecturer and associate professor of Southeast University, senior engineer, technical manager and manager of Midwest Independent System Operator. He used to be the chief expert of power grid planning and analysis of Nanjing NARI Group Corporation. The sixth batch of national specially-appointed experts of China’s National Thousand Talents Program. He has completed a number of pioneering works in online security risk analysis of power systems and economic-based long-term planning and short-term planning of power grids, and has been widely recognized and cited by academia and industry.

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Shanon Nason

Shanon manages all PES Awards programs, including PES Society, Technical Committee, Chapter Awards, PES Scholarship Plus Program and all individual Scholarships. She ensures that the IEEE PES Awards Committee, IEEE PES Scholarship Plus Committee and other student award committees make recommendations for nominees in all Award areas/scopes with IEEE and PES policy, procedures, and precedents. She proactively develops and executes projects and coordinates workflows for tasks, projects and services associated with PES Awards & Scholarships. She also works with the PES Student Committee to plan and coordinate the submission, review and execution of the Student Poster Contest for select PES Conferences. She works closely with the IEEE Foundation, IEEE Strategic Sourcing and IEEE Corporate Awards Staff. She also supports the PES VP of Strategic Communications & Partnerships and the PES VP of Education, as well as other volunteers to promote the scope of the Society.

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Jaime Cristobal Cepeda

Jaime C. Cepeda C. was born in 1981 in Toacazo, Latacunga, Ecuador. He got his Electrical Engineer degree, with the highest honors (Summa Cum Laude), in 2005 from National Polytechnic School, Quito, Ecuador. He worked in Ecuador at Schlumberger Surenco, and Consejo Nacional de Electricidad (CONELEC) from 2005 to 2009. During 2009 and 2013, he pursued his Ph.D. degree at Institute of Electrical Energy, National University of San Juan, San Juan, Argentina, favored with a scholarship from the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD). He finally got the Doctor of Electrical Engineering degree, with the highest honors (Sobresaliente), in December, 2013.

His research experience includes an internship at Institute of Electrical Power Systems, University Duisburg-Essen, Duisburg, Germany, as part of the DAAD scholarship between 2011 and 2012. Nowadays, he works in Ecuador at Operador Nacional de Electricidad CENACE as the Head of Research and Development Department.

Since 2010, he is an active IEEE and Power & Energy Society (PES) member. He is at present an IEEE volunteer, serving as the Ecuador PES Chapter Chair.

His special fields of interest comprise power system stability analysis, security assessment, vulnerability assessment, synchrophasor measurement technology, wide area monitoring systems, and application of computational intelligence techniques (such as data mining, neural networks, fuzzy arithmetic, heuristic optimization, among others) into analysis of power systems.

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PES WIP CSW Forum 66 : Importance of social recognition to the women with outstanding contributions to SDGs

Foreword: Until now, the social status and influence of most women in the world do not match their contributions, so women generally lack self-confidence. The establishment of the Awards for Women in Engineering, in addition to recognizing the winners, will also inspire relevant female engineers and give them the motivation to fight for the same goal. Human beings are the most potential special energy. Equitable recognition of individuals who have made outstanding contributions will accelerate the sustainable development of the world.

On March 13, during the 66th NGO Committee on the Status of Women (NGO CSW 66), IEEE PES WIP convened a parallel forum on “The importance of social recognition of women who make outstanding contributions to the SDGs” , to provide ideas and suggestions for promoting women’s rights and sustainable development. Dr. Ruomei Li, chair of the WIP Advisory Committee, served as the chair of the forum. The forum invited Jaime Cristobal Cepeda, chairman of the IEEE PES Award Committee, Shanon Nason, winner of the IEEE PES Senior Administrator Award, and Ni Ming, former chairman of the IEEE China Council (PCCC). The importance and role in continued development, emphasizing the need for social approval and support. Simay Akar, winner of the IEEE PES ROBERT NOBERINI Award for Outstanding Contribution to Engineering, Jiawei Wang, Chair of IEEE PES WIP Danish Branch, Han Lei, Vice Chair of IEEE PES WIP China/Director of CSEE JPES Editorial Department, Chair of IEEE PES WIP China/ Southwest Jiaotong University Professor Wang Xiaoru, NFF Operations Director Ruth Brinkley, Chair of the New Future Foundation Queen Mother Blakely, Hohai University Associate Professor Chen Zhenfei, and Tsinghua University Sichuan Energy Internet Research Institute Dr. Wang Rize, this meeting was hosted by Dr. Li Gen, an associate professor from the Technical University of Denmark host.

Dr. Li Ruomei first delivered a speech. She believed that in the era of digital technology, women should participate in the process of technological development on an equal footing and should receive equal opportunities for education and training. Women need to be given the opportunity to use digital technology systems and have a voice so that women engineers can serve society as a whole.

In the following speech, Jaime Cristobal Cepeda said that advancing innovation and technological change, as well as achieving gender equality and giving all women access to education is becoming increasingly important. While the globalized internet has made everyone connected, many women still fail to reflect their significant contributions and lack self-confidence. Therefore, it is our responsibility to promote the contributions of professionals and to place special emphasis on those from exceptional women. At the same time, we need to continue to push for the empowerment, especially of future women engineers, as a way to achieve gender equality expectations.

In her speech, Shanon Nason shared her work experience in managing awards and scholarship programs at PES. She expressed PES’s efforts in expanding diversity in award applications and review, and showed the current application and review status of PES awards.

In his speech, Ni Ming said that recognizing and celebrating the contribution of women in the Sustainable Development Goals is crucial. Although women play a vital role in driving sustainable development, their contributions are often undervalued or unrecognized. Recognizing women’s contributions not only helps motivate and motivate others, but also promotes women’s economic empowerment and closes the gender gap. But to overcome barriers like culture and social norms, we need to work together to create a culture — one that recognizes and values the contributions of women.

Afterwards, all the participants had heated discussions on the role of women in sustainable development, how to improve women’s social recognition, and how to balance work and life.

Below we have captured some representative discussions and Q&As:

Dr Li Gen asked Simay Akar “You are very active in PES and you are still working in the company you started, you have achieved a lot. But why do you apply for PES awards and what are the benefits for you to apply for these awards? For our audience Any suggestions?” Simay Akar said that as a partner and volunteer in the power industry, she has been committed to contributing to clean energy technology and a better future. She believes that it is important to be recognized, but what is more important is to inspire each other and support more people with the same passion and vision through years of hard work. She said that it was a coincidence that she was nominated for the PES award, “We can actually do better.”

Jiawei Wang shared her experience as a representative of WIP Denmark. She said that she and her female colleagues found that there were no full-time female professors and female role models in the electrical engineering department, so they actively joined PES WIP and organized related activities , invited outstanding women in the power and energy industry to give speeches. These efforts won her the Outstanding Volunteer Award, which inspired her to continue to organize more activities in her volunteer work. This award has had a great impact on her and keeps her motivated to continue her future work.

Han Lei believes that the establishment of the Female Engineer Award is an important measure to encourage women to be better in the engineering field. She herself has won the IEEE PCCC Outstanding Female Engineer Award. China often holds female engineer forums, focusing on female growth and leadership training. However, while women are prominent in scientific research, they are underrepresented at expert and leadership levels. Han Lei believes that this is because women are more likely to give up opportunities or choose more comfortable ways of working than men.

Wang Xiaoru believes that this forum is very important to attract more female students, engineers and teachers to participate in the activities. She said that although China has a large number of female engineers and teachers, the Chinese Association of Engineers is also one of the most active committees. However, she still wants to see more female leaders functioning on the international stage, and as such, they need more support and attention.

Dr. Li Ruomei said in her speech that it is very important for women to be recognized in the field of science and technology. They have unique advantages and contributions in the field of science and technology. Therefore, promoting and expanding women’s rewards will help accelerate the achievement of sustainable development goals. She also gave suggestions on how to increase the influence of the Women in Technology Awards, such as clear award criteria, reflecting women’s unique contributions, relaxing the basic requirements for female candidates, providing opportunities for growth, and utilizing various online social platforms and partners. Expand the impact of the award. She said the contributions of more women scientists are needed for a better future, so recognizing women’s achievements can provide them with motivation and confidence.

In her speech, Queen Mother advocated providing scholarships for women so that they can obtain educational opportunities and participate in sustainable development. She said that after the epidemic, we should pay more attention to violence against women. She mentioned that the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women is promoting the global empowerment of women rights, so want to hear women’s voices and opinions from all over the world.

Zhenfei Chen asked Shanon Nason “Considering the differences in countries and specific work areas, how to ensure the fairness of award selection and how to make more students pay attention to PES awards?” Shanon Nason replied “We only provide for the first to seventh areas Scholarships, because that’s where the funding comes from. We also offer Distinguished Student Scholarships, up to $10,000 for worldwide applications. We’re only giving out five at the moment, but can give out up to ten. Applications require three Senior Member or peer nominations , but we are considering removing this criterion. Receiving a scholarship also includes a one-year membership to three PES events. If you need help finding a nomination for a senior member, please contact our office.”

Dr. Wang Rize said that IEEE’s research shows that there is a stereotype in society that men are more suitable for engineering research, which will hinder more women from participating in the realization of sustainable development goals. Women’s career development is affected from high school before entering the workplace, so how to break this impression at an early stage is crucial to women’s career development. Education systems can help women understand their contribution to the SDGs, which can better benefit their future careers.

The forum was a complete success, and the guests encouraged more women to participate in engineering and technology fields, and said they would provide opportunities and platforms for them to network and showcase themselves. We should recognize their efforts and contributions, and give awards and recognition to increase awareness and influence throughout society.

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In Memoriam – Lisien León

In memory of Lisien Leon, (1995-2023),an amazing woman, volunteer, professional and friend, a warm and gentle soul. We are always missing you. Your will stay in our hearts, forever.

We are sad to share that Lisien León, Chair of IEEE PES Women in Power (WiP) has passed away.

Lisien was a much-loved member of the Peru Section and the Latin American region. The PES community sends its condolences to her parents, family, and friends.


Lisien Leon (1995-2023)x had a BSc in electrical engineering from the “National University of Engineering-Universidad Nacional de Ingeniera” in Peru. She was working in the Business Development area to introduce green mobility and other solutions made to measure that include smart, energy-efficient equipment powered by carbon-free energy. She was the current Chair of Women in Power 2022–2023. She was an active IEEE volunteer since 2016 and had held leadership positions such as Chair WiE and Secretary PES at her university. She was recognized as the outstanding volunteer in 2017 by the Perú Section. Then she became a professional. She was Chair Membership Development and Secretary PES for the IEEE Peru Section where she always stood out for being an outstanding volunteer. During this time, she mainly organized educational activities according to WiP objectives and to promote gender equality. She was a speaker at different kinds of events, such as “Reunión Nacional de Ramas Estudiantiles-National Meeting of Student Branches Peru” and participated in webinars and meetings to explain the mission and vision of WIE to new students and encourage them to open a WIE in their respective universities. She was interested in energy solutions friendly to the environment for consumers and wanted to work on the 7th Sustainable Development Goal: Affordable and Clean Energy with IEEE SIGHT.

Lisien leonLisien was an inspiring volunteer inside IEEE, WIE, PES and Women in Power. She participated as a speaker in many activities throughout her IEEE volunteering, which she wanted to highlight the women’s roles in engineering. Inside Women in Power she was R9 Representative (2020) and Vice Chair (2021). She was the youngest chair selected of Women in Power (2022-2023) and promoter of many initiatives. Lisien was the founder of the WIP Mentoring Program in R9 in 2020 and participated in the organization of the fist and second version of the program. She continued to promote Women in Power Day, for which the fourth version was held in R9 in 2021 and the first version worldwide was commemorated in 2022. She coordinated the first Women in Power Global Summit in 2021 with a worldwide audience.

In memory of Lisien Leon, (1995-2023),an amazing woman, volunteer, professional and friend, a warm and gentle soul. We are always missing you. You will stay in our hearts, forever.


So there are some activities descriptions where she participated as a volunteer and leader and some awards:

  • PES R9 Chapter Leaders Meeting in CONCAPAN, where she was speaker and shared all the work done with Women in Power and invited the assistant chairs to involve it in those activities. The CONCAPAN was held 8th to 11th November (2022).
  • (Universidad Nacional de Ingeniería) Inspirate Girl Interview 2020. She gave an inspirational interview telling her story as an Engineer and volunteer.
  • Workshop Women in Power Perú (2018). In join with a some companies and organizations she help in the staff team to held this wokrshop. The picture shows one of the activities with a pre-university audience.
  • Recipient of Outstanding Volunteer Award of Peru Section (2017) for their contributions in their Student Branch, leadership and inspirational work.
  • Recipient of scholarship to attend the IEEE Energy Conversion Congress & Expo 2019, Baltimore, USA.
  • Founder of the WIP Mentoring Program in Region 9, the main objective of the program is to inspire the mentees through the personal experiences of the Mentors and give them tools to their new professional lives, the program is offered to students of last years and recent graduates.
  • Promoter of Women in Power Day. She promoted the fourth version of WIP Day in R9 (2021) and the first worldwide version (2022).
  • General Chair of the first Women in Power Global Summit in 2021


We collected some photos of Lisien participating in the event:

Lisien leon

Lisien leon

Lisien leon

Lisien leon

Lisien leon

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Women in Power Forum of 2022 4th International Conference on Smart Power & Internet Energy Systems has been successfully held!

Women in Power Forum (WIP) of 2022 4th International Conference on Smart Power & Internet Energy Systems (SPIES2022) has been successfully held on December 10th, 2022!

The forum was sponsored by IEEE PES Beijing Chapter and IEEE PES China Chapter Council WIP, co-sponsored by IEEE PELS China Council WIE and China Power Supply Society Women Scientists Working Committee. With the topic of “Facing the Challenges of Novel Power Systems-Inspiring More Female Engineers”, a group of outstanding female researchers and technicians in the electrical industry gathered online. These experts presented their frontier research on the modern power system and shared their rich experience in facing difficulties and opportunities in the industry. During the forum, the participating experts collided with ideas and exchanged experiences from the perspective of female researchers or technicians, demonstrating the extraordinary creativity of female workers in scientific research and engineering projects.

We were very honored to have 3 outstanding professionals in the electrical field to deliver the opening remarks, which encouraged all participants to take part in each part of the forum actively. They are Prof. Ruomei Li, the former Chair of IEEE PES WIP, Prof. Hua Geng, the General Chair of SPIES 2022, IEEE Fellow, and Professor of Tsinghua University, and Prof. Zhaohong Bie, the General Co-Chair of SPIES 2022, Chair of IEEE PES China Chapter Council, Vice Chair of IEEE PES WIP, IEEE Fellow, and Vice President of Xi’an Jiaotong University.

At the very first, Prof. Ruomei Li talked about the pressure of achieving the zero-carbon goal in China and described the efforts that need to be made by female scientific researchers under the rapid development of electrical technology. Prof. Hua Geng highly praised the contributions of female scientists to the electrical field and called on more people to help the career development of female scientists. Besides, he provided sincere suggestions on how to support the career development of female scientists. Prof. Zhaohong Bie spoke highly of the resilience of female scientists in life and work, appreciated female scientists for their great contributions to the electrical field, and encouraged everyone to devote themselves to the construction of modern power systems and create a better future.

The Opening of SPIES2022WIP Forum

The WIP forum was hosted by Assoc. Prof. Tong Wang from North China Electric Power University and Prof. Hong Li from Beijing Jiaotong University. In the forum, many keynote speakers shared their frontier research, including the Chief Engineer of the DC Technology Center of State Grid Co., Ltd., Prof. Lingling Xu; the Director of the Academic Affairs Office of North China Electric Power University, Prof. Chongru Liu; the Director and Secretary of the Party Branch of the Institute of New Electrical Materials in State Grid Corporation of China, Prof. Yu Han; the Director of the Electrical Department of the School of Electrical and Automation Engineering in Hefei University of Technology, Prof. Mingyao Ma; the Chief Engineer and National Registered Consultant of the Institute of New Energy and Statistics in State Grid Energy Research Institute, Prof. Caixia Wang; and the Research Assistant of Department of Electrical Engineering and Applied Electronics Technology in Tsinghua University, Dr. Xiaoqian Li. All opening remark speakers, keynote speakers and special guest Prof. Xiaohui Qu from the School of Electrical Engineering of Southeast University participated in the panel discussion and the university-enterprise joint session.

Prof. Ruomei Li and Prof. Zhaohong Bie shared thoughts during the panel discussion

For the topic “Bottlenecks Problem of Female Engineers’ Careers”, Prof. Ruomei Li believes that one of the secrets for women to overcome all difficulties and bottlenecks is tolerance. With regard to this issue, Prof. Zhaohong Bie also pointed out that women have advantages such as resilience, good communication, gentleness and tolerance, and noted the importance of teamwork for women’s career development. Maximizing the advantages and making full use of teamwork can help women break through their career bottlenecks. Regarding the topic of “career development of female scientists”, Prof. Lingling Xu said that she does not think there is any difference between women and men in the pursuit of career development. As women, we don’t need to deliberately emphasize our female identity, and we only need to complete every task seriously in our work. Keep working with enthusiasm, we can ensure the rapid development of our career. About the topic of “Current Situation and Development of Low-Proportion Women at Senior Levels in Domestic Societies “, Prof. Chongru Liu said that part of the reason for the “distribution of scissors” is due to women’s self-selection. Facing scientific research work, gender differences impact little, and even women also have certain advantages in some aspects. Regarding the topic of “Obstacles of Communication and Implementation Between Female Teachers and Enterprises”, Prof. Xiaohui Qu shared her experience in cooperation with the business community, pointing out that fully considering the needs of enterprises when communicating with enterprises can effectively promote school-enterprise cooperation.

Prof. Zhaohong Bie presented Excellent Women Award to Prof. Ruomei Li

At the end of the forum, Prof. Zhaohong Bie presented two special awards to the outstanding female scientists who participated in the forum. The Excellent Women Award was awarded to Prof. Ruomei Li, the former chairman of IEEE PES WIP, to appreciate Prof. Li for her long-term encouragement, support and love for female engineers. The Women Scientists Forum Excellent Paper Award was awarded to Miss. Ye Zhang from Liaoning Electric Power Trading Center Co., Ltd., Miss. Wenting Wang from Harbin Institute of Technology, and Miss. Su Yu from China Electric Power Research Institute in recognition of three outstanding conference papers published at the conference.

The convening of this forum will encourage young female scientists to move forward bravely and provide young female scientists with opportunities for academic growth and scientific research projects. This forum also described a clearer and clearer direction for future female scientists, and paved the way for more and more women to join the electrical industry in the future. It is a forum of great development and guidance.

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PANEL DISCUSSION: INNOVATION Sustainable Power for Industry 4.0 and Agriculture 2025

WIE ILS 2022, Kerala, India

Date and Time: 30 July 2022, 1:00 pm to 1:30 pm (IST) Venue: Hotel Udaya Samudra, Trivandrum, Kerala Panelists:Dr. Ajith Gopi – Chair, IEEE PES Kerala Section, India Dr. Tina Chou -MD, Intergrid Ltd, Taiwan Er. Sini John -Asst. Executive Engineer, Kerala State Electricity Board, India Moderator: Dr. Bijuna Kunju – Past Chair, IEEE PES, Kerala Section. Detail Report: A panel discussion on ‘Sustainable Power or Industry 4.0 and Agriculture 2025’ was organized by R10 WiP along with WiP, IEEE PES Kerala Section during Women in Engineering International Leadership Summit(WIE ILS 2022, Kerala)on 30th July 2022, 1:00 pm to 1:30 pm(IST) at Hotel Udaya Samudra, Trivandrum, Kerala. The eminent panelists were Dr. Ajith Gopi, Dr. Tina Chou, Er. Sini John and the moderator was Dr(Prof).Bijuna Kunju who has many years of expertise in the above mentioned fields. She is the present Chair of IA/IE/PEL joint chapter of IEEE Kerala section and the Program Chair of WiE ILS2022. The panel discussion started at 1.00 pm. R10 WiP Coordinator, Prof. Sunitha Beevi.K welcomed the gathering and introduced the panelist . Dr. Ajith Gopi, Chair, IEEE PES Kerala Section , talked about the importance of following sustainable development goals and its importance in eradicating poverty. He mentioned that the most challenging thing while integrating the power systems in a country is the cost of establishment and materials for the same. He also emphasised on the importance of new technology like smartgrids and forecasting renewable energy with weather.

Mrs. Sini John, Engineer at Kerala State Electricity Board(KSEB), informed us about KSEB’s efforts in ensuring sustainable power and energy sources even in the remote areas of Kerala. She gave us information on the KSEB project of national-level innovation policy on e-mobility pointing to the establishment of electric vehicle charging stations across Kerala. Dr. Tina Chou, representing IEEE PES Women in Power, Thaiwan, ideated about their technology in common use like solar power, wind, tidal, geothermal and ocean power that fosters sustainability. She explained how smartgrid system, automotive and energy control systems ensures not just sustainable but also protective schemes at a large scale. Audience found the panel discussion very informative and interesting. A memento was awarded to the panelists for the participation with WiE ILS Kerala and the discussion ended sharp at 1:30 pm.

A few photos of the same are attached below:

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