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IEEE PES DAY of 2023——WiP in powering a climate safer future

IEEE PES DAY of 2023 Forum, with topic on WIP in Powering a Climate Safer Future, was successfully held on April 16, 2023 at SEEE Building in Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Wuhan, China. This forum was guided by IEEE PES China Chapter Countcil (PCCC), organized by IEEE PES WIP and IEEE PES Wuhan Chapter and co-organized by School of Electrical Engineering, Huazhong University of Science and Technology.

The forum was hosted by Prof. Zang Chunyan, the Representative of IEEE PES WIP Wuhan Chapter. She first introduced the attending guests, warmly welcomed everyone’s arrival, and deeply reviewed the heroic fight against the Covid-19 and the great victory achieved by the people of Wuhan in the past three years, believing that this spirit will surely inspire energy technology workers all over the world to create a better future of “Powering in a Climate Safer Future”. Subsequently, honor guests including Fan Kuanjun, Chair Bian Jianhua, Larissa Paredes Muse, Bie Zhaohong, Li Ruomei, and Han Lei delivered welcome address individually.

During the speech, Dean Fan introduced the remarkable achievements made by the School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering of Huazhong University of Science and Technology in the field of electricity and energy through years of technological research, and emphasized the significant role of women which cannot be ignored. She called on everyone to work together to achieve a deep empowerment of electrical engineering in the era of double carbon, with their collective efforts.

Jianhua Bian, the IEEE PES Chair, prepared the speech presentation carefully for this event. After briefly reviewing her 30 years of work experience in the field of electric power energy, she comprehensively introduced the organizational functions and development status of the international academic institution, IEEE PES, and highlighted the theme of today’s IEEE PES DAY event,”Powering in a Climate Safer Future,”issuing a call to all WIP members.

Larissa Paredes Muse, the Chair of IEEE PES DAY, expressed her strong support for this event during her speech. She highly appreciated the contributions made by Chinese IEEE PES members to the development of this important academic organization, and expressed great confidence in the achievements of women technology workers in “Powering in a Climate Safer Future”.

Bie Zhaohong, the Chair of IEEE PCCC, firstly expressed congratulations on the IEEE PES Day of 2023, and then briefly summarized the century opportunities and challenges of the electrical engineering field, especially the significant impact of environmental changes. She believes that female technology researchers have played an extremely important role in the progress of power technology, hoping that more young female engineers will join the WIP. In the end, Prof. Bie expresses her gratitude to the organizer of the forum.

IEEE WIP Honorary Chair and senior expert Li Ruomei first briefly reviewed the establishment history of IEEE PES and WIP, and discussed the greater role these international academic organizations may play in the future. She called on more IEEE PES and WIP members to take active action to promote this historical process, while also expressing sincere gratitude to the organizers of the event.

Ms. Han Lei, Vice Chair of the IEEE PCCC WIP, explained the theme of the three experts invited by this event. The focus was on how female researchers carry out outstanding scientific research work, high-level international academic journals, and the formulation of international standards. She believed that these speeches had important practical significance, and also expressed her expectations for more female researchers to make outstanding scientific research results and do positive academic exchanges.

Weixin Guo, the professor from SEEE of HUST, gave a talk entitled with “Exploring the Future Energy of Humanity Based on National Large Scientific Devices”.At the beginning, she showed a group photo of all the females (teachers and students) in the fusion institute, and a banner that they made specifically for IEEE PES DAY which reads “As bright as a ray of sun, let’s work together to create a brighter future”. This vividly showed the enthusiasm and hope of female researchers in the fusion institute who are committed to fusion energy research with their artificial sun devices. Prof. Guo then went on to review the development process of the J-TEXT laboratory, recounted the brilliant achievements made by researchers from HUST in the journey to realize controllable nuclear fusion, and outlined the blueprint for human beings to master the controllable nuclear fusion technology in the future.

Yu Yangyang, the Editor of the Joural “High Voltage”, reported on “Analysis on the requirements of International academic journal for papers and dual carbon guidance”. She briefly introduced the six academic journals published by the Journals Center of China Electric Power Research Institute and the special issues organized for dual carbon needs. Then she shared the normal procedures of manuscript processing and the decision distribution of the academic journal, as well as the main points that editors pay attention to in the first sight and the corresponding handling advice from the aspects of manuscript style, scope, ethics and innovation. Finally, she pointed out that if authors have questions or needs, do not hesitate to contact the journal editors, who work to publish quality papers not to reject them.

Cai Huanqing, the Chair of IEEE Standard P3327,shared her experience on “how to apply for and write international standards”. In her speech, the first content is the process and basic requirements of applying for IEEE international standards were introduced. Secondly, taking the “IEEE P3327 Recommended Practice for Unmanned Aerial Vehicle for Substation Inspection ” as a typical case, the article shared in detail how to apply for IEEE international standards, including: ① Ideas, ② how to write a good PAR, and ③finding ‘Supporters’ (a suitable IEEE Standard Technical Committee in this field), ④ Submit proposal (experience from rejection to approval). Finally, from the aspects of working group formation, development kick-off meeting and so on, the drafting methods of IEEE international standards were introduced.

Finally, Prof. Wang Xiaoru, the Chair of IEEE PCCC WIP, summarized the conference. She warmly congratulated the successful convening of the forum and expressed appreciation to all the guests for their wonderful speeches. She emphasized the value of the reports made by the three speakers, which provided a lot of help and encouragement. She also mentioned that the achievements of the “artificial sun” were inspiring, and the female researchers in the team have left a deep impression on all of us. At the end of the speech, Prof. Wang said passionately“Let us encourage, help, and support each other, and work together for the earth and the future of humanity in the face of the climate crisis”.

This successful academic event has aroused strong reactions from all participants. Larissa Paredes Muse, the Chair of IEEE PES DAY, said that she was “greatly inspired and impressed.” The attending students expressed that they learned a lot of “practical knowledge”, thought that the forum was well-organized, and all three speakers were excellent. And Li Ruomei, the IEEE WIP Honorary Chair, also encouraged the organizer to have more activities like this.

(By IEEE PES WIP Wuhan Chapter, 2023/4/25)

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