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Women in Power (WIP) Forum of 2023 IEEE Suspect Power and Energy Conference (iSPEC 2023) and WIP 2023 Annual Meeting

On November 29, 2023, the Women in Power Forum (WIP Forum) of 2023 IEEE Sustainable Power and Energy Conference (iSPEC 2023) and WIP 2023 Annual Meeting was successfully held. The forum is sponsored by IEEE PES China Chapter Council Women in Power (IEEE PCCC WIP) and Chongqing University. The forum theme is “Women Participation in Carbon Neutrality and Emerging Power System Technologies”.

Prof. Xiaoru Wang, President of IEEE PCCC WIP and Professor of Southwest Jiaotong University, served as the host for the welcome speeches. Dr. Jessica Bian, President of IEEE PES and Vice President of Grid Services at Grid-X Partners, gave a speech entitled ” Behind each membership, there is a dream! ” and shared the latest trends and future trends of the global power and energy industry, the diversified academic help and support of IEEE PES academic exchange seminars and engineering practice training. Director Jianjun Zhao (Member of China Committee of World Federation of Engineering Organizations, Director of International Department of Chinese Society for Electrical Engineering, Deputy Director of China Electric Power Science and Technology Award Work Office) made a welcome speech for the WIP Forum, and delivered a welcome speech to all the guests. He highly praised the extraordinary creativity and influence of Chinese female science and technology workers on the global science and technology stage. Prof. Xiaoru Wang (President of IEEE PCCC WIP, Member of China Committee of World Federation of Engineering Organizations, IEEE Senior Member, Professor of Southwest Jiaotong University) made a brief report on IEEE PCCC WIP work. In 2023, IEEE PCCC WIP actively develops and serves members, adds 12 new Chapter WIP representatives, organizes 9 WIP forum events, including IEEE PES DAY and PowerCon, and invites more than 70 outstanding women from the power and energy industry to host or speak. Activities were shared at the 2023 IEEE PES General Meeting WIP session.

Dr. Hui Hou (IEEE PCCC WIP Activity Group Head) from Wuhan University of Technology presided over the following keynote speeches. Jinying Zhang (Professor, PhD Supervisor, School of Electrical Engineering, Xi’an Jiaotong University; Shanxi May Day Female Model of Education Science Culture Health and Sports System, Xi ‘an high-level Talent) gave a speech entitled “the exploration and applications of 2D structures”. She introduced the latest research results of hydrogen storage and the macro-size purple phosphorus single crystal successfully synthesized, which demonstrated the role of basic science in disruptive technological innovation in power and energy. Hongxia Qin (Beijing Sifang Automation Co., LTD. Vice President and Chief Engineer, Professor Level Senior Engineer) gave a speech on “discussion on the development of key technologies for modern smart distribution grids”, which includes the introduction to the flexible and interconnected distribution network architecture support technology, the application of multi-specialty and multi-technology integration in distribution network, as well as the development of source-network-load-storage, main-distribution-micro-multi-subject collaborative and interactive technology. Prof. Juan Yu (Professor, PhD Supervisor, School of Electrical Engineering, Chongqing University; IEEE Senior Member, Top Young Talent in Chongqing, Vice Director of Power and Energy Reliability Research Center of Chongqing University) gave a lecture on “sharing of 10 years research experience in the field of artificial intelligence integration in the power industry,” shared the fruitful achievements of artificial intelligence and its application, and looked forward to the development prospects of artificial intelligence integration in the field of power.

Following the keynote speeches, Prof. Xiaoqiong He (IEEE PCCC WIP Secretary General) from Southwest Jiaotong University hosted the roundtable speeches. Tingting Xuan (Assistant General Manager of PowerChina Shanghai Electric Power Engineering Co., LTD., General Manager of Distribution Network Division) shared a speech on the theme of “creating a green platform for resource sharing, providing a bridge for member co-operation, fostering more women leaders, and helping to realize the national energy goals”. She preached and appealed more female workers to join IEEE PES and create a platform for resource sharing, standards output, technical services, etc. Tao Chen (Chief Expert of State Grid Corporation of China, Professor Level Senior Engineer of State Grid Chongqing Electric Power Company Research Institute) made a report on “from the development of energy supply in Chongqing to the development of system analysis” and introduced the problems and reflections on energy resources in Chongqing. Prof. Yuefang Du (Member of the Professional Committee of Artificial Intelligence and Electrical Application of China Electrotechnical Society, Associate Professor of University of Electronic Science and Technology of China) with the theme of “you just need more training”, shared her experience of self-doubt and self-growth based on her life and working experiences. She also shared some thoughts on effort and intelligence according to her observations in life.

The live lectures were wonderful, and the discussion was particularly warm. The participants jointly discussed the cutting-edge topics of innovation and development in the field of power and energy, and expressed their expectations and prospects for the green future, among which the application of artificial intelligence in the field of power and energy was particularly warm and in-depth. Artificial intelligence is one of the most disruptive technologies at present, the participants warmly discussed the application needs and prospects of artificial intelligence in the fields of power grid security and control, power transmission and transformation, power distribution, new energy, information and communication, etc., and agreed that artificial intelligence will change the traditional power system, and then trigger the power revolution and energy revolution, and achieve sustainable development. More and more women are also carrying scientific dreams, devoting themselves to the application of artificial intelligence in the field of power and energy science and technology, and actively propping up “half the sky” to build China into a world scientific and technological power.

The successful holding of the WIP forum and WIP 2023 Annual Meeting showed “women power” for outstanding female researchers in the electrical engineering and power industry to participate in the green future of carbon neutrality and emerging power system technologies. The women scientists are from the frontier of academia and industry, and they are contributing a lot to sustainable power and energy industry. At the same time, we will continue to encourage and attract more female scientific researchers to join the electrical engineering and power industry to pave the way ahead, and provide strong support for their academic growth.

Group photo for the WIP Forum

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