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2023 IEEE PES WIP Women Scientists Sub Forum

IEEE PES WIP Women Scientists Sub Forum was successfully held in Nanchang, Jiang’Xi on November 24, 2023. This sub forum is one of the series of activities organized by the IEEE PES Substation Technical Committee (China) Annual Meeting. The annual meeting was organized by the IEEE PES Satellite Technology Committee, IEEE Wuhan Section, IEEE PES WIP, State Grid Jiangxi Electric Power Co., Ltd., Nanchang University, East China Jiaotong University and other units, with over 700 attendees.

The theme of this IEEE PES WIP Women Scientists Sub Forum is “Green and Low Carbon Grid: Women Light up the Future”. The sub forum is hosted by Zang Chunyan, the Wuhan regional representative of IEEE PES WIP and associate professor of Huazhong University of Science and Technology. The sub forum activities have received strong support from IEEE PES. Ms. Bian Jianhua, the current chair of IEEE PES, specifically mentioned the Women Scientists sub forum in her speech at the conference and gave positive encouragement; Prof. Chung Chi Yung, the incoming IEEE PES President-Elect and Head of the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering of PolyU, highly praised the outstanding contributions made by female engineers to the energy and power fields in the video on that day, and stated that he will continue to promote and support the development of female engineers in the future; Ms. Khayakazi Dioka, the current chair of IEEE PES WIP, specially recorded an 11 minute speech video for the Women Scientists Sub Forum, analyzing the current high demand for green energy in the world, as well as the important responsibilities and opportunities of female engineers in the historical period of energy transition; Prof. Li Ruomei, former Chair of IEEE PES WIP, Co-Chair of the Organizing Committee of this conference and AETDEW Fellow, earnestly reminds all female researchers present that not everyone can be supported by good teachers or leaders. In the long process of personal struggle, IEEE PES WIP is a fairly fair organization that will provide maximum assistance to all members who join.

Then the female scientists were invited to give wonderful speeches. First, Mr. He Cheng as a representative of Prof. Li Hongbin of Huazhong University of Science and Technology (HUST), introduced the latest progress in the field of intelligent measurement of electrical equipment, especially the innovative research results in digital standards. Prof. Li is the chair of the Technical Committee of the Conference, the deputy director of the State Key Laboratory of Strong Electromagnetic Engineering and New Technology. Associate Prof. Li Song from HUST gave a comprehensive report on the development of green hydrogen technology, highlighting the outstanding achievements of the research team in ion exchange membranes and combined heating, cooling and electrical. Han Dong, associate researcher of the Institute of Electrical Engineering of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, summarized the important research of the Institute on sulfur hexafluoride and its alternative gases over the years. Dr. Wan Zhiyu, as the representative of Researcher Zhang in the State Key Laboratory of High Electromagnetic Engineering and New Technology, reported the team’s important research results on the broken composite insulator insulation fault. Prof. Yang Lijun from Chongqing University systematically summarized a series of research achievements of her research team in introducing terahertz technology into the field of transformer oil paper insulation detection. Finally, Cui Yao, a senior engineer from State Grid Electric Power Research Institute, combined multiple exciting videos to showcase the flourishing development of intelligent inspection technology in the field of substations.

After the conclusion of the IEEE PES WIP Women Scientists Sub Forum, the attending representatives expressed great achievements. Xiatian, an engineer from State Grid Hubei Electric Power Research Institute, comments that the speech content of the Women Scientists Sub Forum covers many hot topics in the current green and low-carbon energy field, which is of great reference value. Zhang Shihong, a senior engineer from Dali Bureau of Southern Power Grid Ultra High Voltage Company, believes that this brainstorming style pan electric power science forum is very conducive to inspiring researchers to generate more innovative ideas. Ms. Zang Chunyan, the chair of the sub forum, called on more female technology workers to join the IEEE PES WIP organization at the end of this forum and arranged to meet again at the IEEE PCCC Annual Conference of WIP.



(Writer: Zang Chunyan, IEEE PES WIP &Wuhan Chapter)

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