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The Power of Diversity: Challenges and Best Practices in the IEEE Regions

As part of the IEEE PES GM, Women in Power hosted a session on July 19, 2023 entitled “The Power of Diversity: Challenges and Best Practices in the IEEE Regions.” The panel was moderated by Dr. Dana Al-Qadi, Vice Chair of Women in Power and featured perspectives from a number of IEEE leadership and WiP chapter leads. Speakers included Dr. Julio Romero Aguero, VP of Chapters & Membership, Dr. Ruomei Li, former WiP chair, Ms Khayakazi Dioka (video), IEEE PES WIP Chairand Dr. Jessica Bian, IEEE PES president. Additional speakers featured Dr. Lina He, representing Region 4, Dr. Selma Awadallah representing Region 8, and Xiaoru Wang, representing Region 10. Each speaker discussed priorities around diversifying membership and participation in WiP and IEEE more broadly as well as strategies that have been successful in doing so.

The panel discussion began with a memorial tribute for Lisien Leon, former WiP chair, who lost her life tragically in an accident. A memorial video was shared as well as comments from her peers and colleagues. All highlighted her enthusiasm, bright spirit, and commitment to active mentorship. She was credited with growing several programs in Region 9.

The panel concluded with an open discussion among participants and a joint reception between WiP and Young Professionals.

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