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Women in Power Forum of 2023 IEEE WIE China Leadership Summit 2023 (IEEE WIE CLS 2023)

On October 21, 2023, the 5th IEEE WIE China Leadership Summit (IEEE WIE CLS) was held in Shanghai. Numerous outstanding women gathered together to discuss the improvement of women’s leadership and future development. This forum is a flagship forum organized by the IEEE China Federation, IEEE China Representative Office, and IEEE WIE Beijing Branch. It is co-organized by the IEEE PCCC Women’s Engineer Committee, the Women’s Working Committee of the Chinese Society of Graphics, the Beijing Society of Graphics, the BSIG Women’s Working Committee, Ladies Who Tech, and the IEEE WIE Shanghai Branch.

The forum consists of 7 keynote speeches and 6 roundtable discussions. More than 300 attendees including engineers, researchers, innovators, and industry leaders attended the event. Ms. Celia Shahnaz, Chairman of IEEE WIE, Ms. Jessica Bian, Chairman of IEEE PES, Ms. Yinghong Wen, Chairman of IEEE China Federation, and Mr. Ning Hua, Senior Business Director of IEEE Asia Pacific, delivered speeches at the forum.

Celia Shahnaz (Chairman of IEEE WIE)

Jessica Bian (Chairman of IEEE PES)

Yinghong Wen (Chairman of IEEE China Federation)

Ning Hua (Senior Business Director of IEEE Asia Pacific)

In this forum, the IEEE PES WIP Nanjing and Shanghai branches jointly hosted a roundtable forum with the theme of “Empowering Female Engineers: Enhancing the Leadership and Innovation of Female Engineers in the Smart Grid Era”. This roundtable forum is co-chaired by Associate Professor Zhenfei Chen from Hohai University and Associate Professor Bei Han from Shanghai Jiao Tong University. Dr. Li Ruomei, the former chairman of IEEE PES WIP, was invited to deliver a deliver a welcoming speech for the forum.

Zhenfei Chen (Hohai University)

Bei Han (Shanghai Jiao Tong University)

In her speech, Dr. Li Ruomei pointed out that the future development direction of power grid is digitization, intelligence, cleanliness, diversification and resilience. Compared to men, women not only have originality in their thinking, but also are more sensitive to the environment and climate, and are more concerned and passionate about our environment. On the other hand, female engineers, due to their dual sense of responsibility in life and work, need stronger resilience and more intelligence. She encouraged female engineers to continue moving forward and never give up.
Associate Professor Xiaolu Li, Vice Dean of College of Electrical Engineering, Shanghai University of Electric Power, gave a speech titled ” Research on active self-healing technologies for coordinated transmission and distribution networks “. She introduced the research on hierarchical, partitioned, coordinated, and autonomous control methods for intelligent distribution networks based on flexible interconnected devices, as well as strategies for enhancing and enhancing the resilience of distribution networks before and after faults, in the context of high proportion of distributed new energy and large-scale increase of flexible loads in distribution networks. At the same time, she also shared insights from her personal work experiences regarding the development of standards related to the common information model.

Ms. Chen Lu, Deputy Director of the Party Committee and Party Building Department of State Grid Shanghai Electric Power Science Research Institute, gave a speech titled ” Research on Influence of Urban Rail Transit on DC Bias of Transformers in Shanghai Power Grid “. She shared her research on the performance of a 500kV transformer along the Shanghai rail transit line during normal operation, peak operation, and after shutdown, and pointed out that the stray current generated by urban rail transit operation can cause DC bias of the transformer, posing a certain threat to the safe and stable operation of the power grid. The conclusions can guide the management of transformer bias near rail transit and the construction planning of substations, and help to achieve harmonious development of the power grid and rail transit network in mega cities.

Professor Lili Hao from the College of Electrical Engineering and Control Science at Nanjing Tech University gave a speech on “Coordinated restoration optimization of power-gas integrated energy system with mobile emergency sources”. She pointed out that The energy supply should be globally optimized during the restoration process of power-gas integrated energy system to produce the highest restoration net income. Mobile emergency sources can be quickly and flexibly connected to supply energy after an energy outage to ensure a reliable supply to the system, which adds complexity to the decision. Besides, Professor Hao shared with everyone his own research experience of how she exploring his research direction.

Ruomei Li (former chairman of IEEE PES WIP)

Xiaolu Li (Shanghai University of Electric Power)

Lu Chen (State Grid Shanghai Electric Power Science Research Institute)

Lili Hao (Nanjing Tech University)

Finally, Associate Professor Han Bei summarized the forum, thanking all the guests for Finally, Associate Professor Han Bei summarized the forum. She thanked all the guests for their wonderful speeches and reports, as well as all the attending guests and supporters. Looking forward to everyone gathering again next year.

Group photo for the WIP Forum

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