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Women in Power Forum of 2023 International Conference on Power System Technology (PowerCon 2023)

On September 21, 2023, the Women in Power Forum (WiP Forum) of 2023 International Conference on Power System Technology (PowerCon 2023) was successfully held. The forum is sponsored by IEEE PES China Chapter Council Women in Power (IEEE PCCC WiP) and Shandong University. The forum theme is to promote the construction and development of new power systems through the power of women. The forum was divided into two parts: “Guest Speeches” and “Invited Reports”, which were hosted by Prof. Wen Zhang from Shandong University and Dr. Shanshan Wang from China Electric Power Research Institute respectively. Several outstanding female researchers in the electrical engineering and power industry gathered to share the cutting-edge work in in the construction of a new type of clean, low-carbon, flexible, efficient and smart and friendly power system. Prof. Vladimir Terzija (President of PowerCon 2023), Dr. Jessica Bian (President of IEEE PES), Prof. Ruomei Li (former President of IEEE PES WiP), Prof. C.Y. Chung (CAE Fellow, IEEE Fellow) were invited to address the opening ceremony speech for the WiP Forum.

President of PowerCon 2023 Vladimir Terzija warmly welcomed the guests and participants for the WiP forum on behalf of the organizing committee of the PowerCon 2023 conference and Shandong University. He noted that the power of women in the field of power and energy should not be ignored. They have demonstrated their unique charisma in research and engineering projects. Prof. Vladimir Terzija expressed gratitude for the tremendous contributions of female researchers in the power industry. Dr. Jessica Bian, President of IEEE PES, gave a speech entitled “WiP Platform for Preparing Future Leaders” and introduced the core objectives of IEEE PES WiP. She shared with all participants the rich and colorful activities to all participants. Dr. Jessica Bian pointed out that IEEE PCCC PES WiP provides a high-quality platform for female researchers, which can help more female members grow. She called for more female researchers to actively participate in international organization activities, and inspired female compatriots to strive to become female leaders. Dr. Li Ruomei, former president of IEEE PES WiP, emphasized the need for women to unleash their value in international professional fields. She shared her insights on the female power: living her own life, being honest, gradually gaining international trust and leveraging outstanding female leadership. Prof. Chi Yung Chung from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, IEEE Fellow, reviewed the outstanding female researchers encountered during the research process. He encouraged the female researchers to put in their best efforts to create brilliant achievements. At the same time, Prof. Chung shared the challenges and opportunities of the integrated energy system.

Following the opening ceremony, Professor-level Senior Engineer Chen Wu, a leading technical expert of Yunnan Power Grid Planning and Construction Research Center, delivered an invited speech entitled Practice and Prospect of New Power System in Yunnan. Operational security issues of energy consumption, frequency stability, and small disturbance multi-frequency oscillations of Yunnan power system and practice in planning and dispatching operation are introduced. Dr. Li Xuan, a senior engineer from the Equipment Department of State Grid Corporation, gave a keynote speech on DC Grid Technology and the New Generation Power System. The development of DC grid technology and Zhangbei HVDC Transmission Project are analyzed. In the new generation power system, Dr. Li provided prospects for the HVDC transmission technology. Prof. Fangwei Xu from Sichuan University gave a lecture on Study on the Problem and Method of The Harmonic Source Determination in New Power System. The new challenges and solutions for harmonic traceability are explained. And the harmonic contribution is analyzed from single-point measurement to multi-point measurement. Prof. Ying Huang from Zhejiang University shared a speech on New-Era Scientific Women, contributing to HVDC Technologies. From the perspective of female researchers, she shared her experience in scientific research and project management, as well as her insights on balancing career and family. Dr. Hui Hou of Wuhan University of Technology gave a presentation on Women Participation in Wind Disaster Prevention in New Power System. Data-driven and model-driven methods are introduced for predicting the probability of damage to overhead power lines in typhoon disasters. The potential for integrating data-driven and model-driven methods is discussed in predicting damage to transmission lines in wind disasters.

The live lectures were wonderful, and the female scientists shared the cutting-edge topics of innovation and development of power systems in their respective fields, and expressed their expectations and prospects for new power system. The audience asked questions to the participants and discussed the cutting-edge issues of the new power system.

Finally, Dr. Yanhua Liu from Shandong University delivered a closing speech on behalf of Prof. Wen Zhang. She thanked all guests and scholars who participated in this WiP Forum activity offline. It is believed that “No Gender Differences, No Discipline Boundaries” will motivate women to participate in electrical engineering research activities and promote the development and construction of electrical engineering disciplines both domestically and internationally. In addition, Dr. Yanhua Liu would like to express her sincere gratitude to Prof. Yuanyuan Sun of Shandong University, who organized the WIP forum. Prof. Yuanyuan Sun and her team provided a full range of services for the experts and students to ensure the success of the forum. Looking forward to seeing you at the WiP Forum in the coming year.

The successful holding of the WiP forum has demonstrated the “women power” for outstanding female researchers in the electrical industry to participate in the construction of new power system. The women scientists are from the frontier of academia and industry, who maintain their curiosity, pursue exploration and enjoy science. Through the WiP platform, they continue to inspire women researchers to participate in research projects and activities of international academic organizations. At the same time, they are raising the status of women in the international stage, motivating more women researchers to join the power and energy industry, and providing strong support for their academic growth.

Group photo for the WiP Forum

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