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WiP Panel Session in PES GM 2022
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WiP Panel Session in PES GM 2022

This Panel Session has been successfully concluded. We have some valuable resources to share with you. Please pay attention to the relevant links on this page.

The 2022 IEEE Power & Energy Society (PES) General Meeting (GM) will be held in person in Denver, Colorado on 17 – 21 July 2022.

We will hold two group meetings. Welcome to attend.

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Thank the following experts and scholars for their support and dedication. On July 19, we gathered together and successfully held this valuable forum:Ruomei Li , Denise Munoz , Celia Shahnaz, John Mcdonald , Johanna Mathieu , Barbara Oneill , Guadalupe Gonzalez , Rabab Haider , Hang Shuai , Lawryn Edmonds , Elisabeth Feldhoff , Manisha Rauniyar , Shahab Afshar , Shaikh Fattah , Drew Geller , Robert Nutter , …

Session 1 : Energy Efficiency and Demand-Side Management: An Innovative Way to Reduce CO2 Emissions

time : Tuesday, July 19, 2022, 9:00AM-12:00AM

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  1. John D. McDonald: Engineering the Energy Transition
  2. Denise Munoz: Energy Efficiency: An Innovative Way to Reduce CO2 Emissions Behind The Meter
  3. Celia Shahnaz: Artificial Intelligence based demand side management
  4. Dipti Srinivasan: Untapped Potential for Enabling CO2 Reduction and Tackling Climate Change
  5. Johanna Mathieu: Aggregate load coordination to balance renewable generation


  • Ruomei Li

  • Lisien Leon


  • Jessica Bian

  • Julio Romero Aguero

  • Denise Munoz

  • Celia Shahnaz

  • Johanna Mathieu

  • Dipti Srinivasan

Session 2 : Explore and Encourage Women’s Unique Innovative Abilities to Achieve Diversification in Science and Technology

time : Wednesday, 20 July 2022 at 9am to 12pm/Noon MDT


  • Lisien Leon

  • Jelena Ponocko


  • Guadalupe Gonzales

  • Mercy Chelangat

  • Simay Akar

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