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In order to ensure women play a bigger role in the power and energy industry, PES Women in Power focuses on three pillars for personal and career growth:

Community • Education • Leadership



Participants learn to develop and make use of their networks and are provided with networking opportunities at conferences and regional events,


PES Women in Power assists in matching mentors with mentees to provide ongoing, personalized coaching and advice.

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Role Models

The stories of successful women in leadership roles serve as inspiration, motivation and a model for others to follow.


With Women in Power, the educational focus is on career development, with an emphasis on leadership skills—including negotiating and team building—that acknowledge gender issues. This professional development will be offered through webinars, local events and panel discussions at major conferences.


PES Women in Power provides leadership guidance and opportunities that adjust to a candidate’s level of experience in the industry.

Leadership models developed by a variety of corporations can be shared and brought to bear in other organizations.

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