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Several of our previous webinars have been recorded for your convenience. Click the links below to download them.

Negotiation Workshop led by Harvard Business School Professor Katie Coffman

Thursday, September 17, 2020 3:00 – 5:00pm

Please join IEEE Women in Power on Thursday, September 17 th for a Negotiation Workshop led by Harvard Business School Professor Katie Coffman!

This interactive session will allow you to practice negotiation and learn key tips and tricks for effective negotiation in the future. The session will be hosted on Zoom (no license required), and registration is required.

WiP Boston Planning Committee

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Women in Power, to Power the Sustainable Development

August 4, 2020 8:00 am – 12:00 pm

The purpose of this WIP panel session is to highlight women role in promoting the SDGs in UN, especially in the field of electricity and energy. The session presents four major topics through four panel sessions. A diverse set of speakers were invited, including IEEE PES leaders and the WIP region and chapter representatives, both female role models and male leaders who have given full support to women development. The speakers made valuable speeches and shared experiences and viewpoints in women development, which helps to improve the status of women and inspire women leadership…Learn More

The Presenter:

Dr. Ruomei Li
Chair of WIP of IEEE PES (2019-2021),
WIP Liason in WIE Committee

  • Panel 1: Opening Address

    Bright Prospects for WiP in IEEE PES Community

  • Panel 2: Keynote Speech

    Women leadership in Power & Energy industry

  • Panel 3: Subject Speech 1

    Promoting Women Engineers Around the World, for Green Future

  • Panel 4: Subject Speech 2

    Removing Barriers to the Growth of Women Engineers



  • Empowerment of WiP volunteers around Latin America and The Caribbean

    Lisien Leon (WIP Region 9 Representative, Project Engineer of ENGIE PERU)

    download File

  • Women in Power -Platform for Preparing -Future Leaders

    Jessica Bian (IEEE PES President-Elect, Vice President, Grid-X Partners)

    download File

Understanding the Gender Biases in the Workplace and the Importance of Diversity in Power

April 15, 2016  10:00 am eastern

Presented by Wanda Reder, Chief Strategy Officer, S&C Electric Company

This Webinar:

Wander will discuss her career journey and the importance of networking, the business benefits of a diverse workforce and how to build and be a part of one. She will also discuss how these 2 tools have had a positive impact on her campaign for IEEE President. In addition, Wanda is using this as an opportunity for your input! She is interested in asking what you would like to see out of her as IEEE President to support WIE and women in IEEE.

The Presenter:

 Wanda Reder

Wanda Reder started at S&C Electric Company in 2004 as VP of Power Systems Solutions and is now the Chief Strategy Officer. Prior to S&C, she held various power delivery leadership positions at ComEd / Exelon and Northern States Power. Wanda is a member of the US Department of Energy’s Electricity Advisory Committee, is on the IEEE Board as Division VII Director and on the IEEE Foundation Board. Wanda is the Founder of IEEE PES Scholarship Plus Initiative, a Signature program that has provided 733 scholarships to 466 students. She launched the IEEE Smart Grid, now enjoying over 27,000 LinkedIn and 11,000 Twitter followers. Wanda was named a Distinguished Engineer at South Dakota State University in 2007, was the first female President of IEEE Power & Energy Society in 2008-2009, became an IEEE Fellow in 2012 and received the IEEE Power & Energy Society Leadership and Meritorious Service Awards in 2012 and 2013 respectively. In recognition for exemplary service, she received the IEEE TAB Hall of Honor Award in 2013 and the IEEE Richard M. Emberson Award in 2014.

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Planning & Operation of the Utility of the Future by Dr. Shay Bahramirad, Smart Grid and technology, ComEd

March 1, 2016  1:00 pm eastern

Presented by Dr. Shay Bahramirad 
Smart Grid and technology, ComEd

This Webinar:

The electric grid is undergoing transformations enabled by the integration of new technologies, such as advanced communication and power electronic devices, and the increasing penetration of distributed generation. There is a declining electric load growth due to, e.g., increased energy efficiency, customer self-generation, and low natural gas prices. Small and utility-scale renewable resources, such as solar and wind distributed energy resources, batteries, plug-in electric vehicles (EV), have begun to complement large coal, gas, and oil-fired power plants. Customers require increased reliability and power quality, more energy management capabilities, and decreased electricity costs. Such changes introduce a new paradigm in the cultural infrastructure of power systems, which requires a great deal of cooperation between utilities, power generation companies, consumers, governments, and regulators. In this webinar, the process of developing transformational grid control algorithms and architectures that optimize the usage of flexible load and distributed energy resources as well as the leveraging of physical assets and communications network infrastructure to develop the utility of the future will be discussed.

The Presenter:

Dr. Shay Bahramirad, IEEE Senior Member, the Director of Smart Grid and Technology, serves as a strategic business leader in Commonwealth Edison, the electric Utility in Illinois, working on the transformation to the 21st century power grid and the new energy economy. Her major responsibilities include leading Smart Grid organization across ComEd to develop the vision, business models, and investment strategy of the grid of the future initiatives such as merging technologies, microgrids and smart city deployments. She is an Adjunct Professor at the Illinois Institute of Technology, teaching Microgrids, Elements of Sustainable Energy, and Smart Grid.

Dr. Bahramirad holds multiple advanced degrees, including a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from the Illinois Institute of Technology. She is the Chair of the board of IEEE PES Women in Power, Technical Chair of the 2016 IEEE PES T&D Conference, Advisory Committee Member of the Great Lakes Symposium on Smart Grid and the New Energy Economy, Guest Editor-in-Chief of IEEE Transactions on Smart Grid, and Guest Editor-in-Chief of the Electricity Journal, special issue on Energy of the Future – Applications to Illinois

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Data Analytics in Distribution Systems by Dr. Dimitra Apostolopoulou, Smart Grid Engineer, ComEd

February 17, 2016  12:00 pm eastern

This Webinar:

The electric grid is currently undergoing a significant renovation process towards the so-called smart grid, featuring larger hosting capacity, widespread penetration of renewable energy sources, better quality of service, and higher reliability. One of the major aspects of this modernization is the widespread deployment of dispersed measurement, monitoring, and actuation devices. High-speed, fully integrated, two-way communication technologies make the grid dynamic and transactive for real-time information and power exchange will create a near plug-and-play environment. The deployment of smart devices and communication technologies enable the introduction of powerful data analytic capabilities, such as state estimation in distribution systems and unbalance monitoring. In this presentation, various aspects of the aforementioned will be discussed.

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Community of the Future by Adrienne Grier


ComEd and a local community- Bronzeville, are collaborating to bring a host of technologies and services – current and future – to create a “smart community” in which the energy system – and the many uses of its digital network – is localized and human-centered, with power that is ultra-reliable and can be generated and controlled at the community level. Residents and businesses will benefit from new technologies such as a microgrid, community solar gardens, and a network of EV charging stations amongst others.

A Community of the Future is a place where ComEd and a local community collaborate to create a “smart community” – connected, custom, livable, and, sustainable – in which the smart grid and a host of other technologies and related services are fully leveraged to enhance the everyday lives of community members

Who Would Benefit By/Who Should Attend:

Anyone interested in learning about ways the utility company at Chicago is leveraging the grid, and the other innovative technologies that ComEd is working on.


Adrienne Grier is the Manager of Smart Grid Programs for Smart Grid & Technology at ComEd.  She is responsible for managing (a) development and evaluation of business cases for emerging technologies, (b) business transformation activities associated with full scale deployment of approved technologies and (c) development of a Smart City platform for ComEd including management of a Community of the Future initiative.   In her prior roles, Adrienne served as principal project manager & executive assistant to ComEd President & CEO Anne Pramaggiore; principal compliance specialist assisting in the development of a state and local compliance program and support of two key witnesses in ComEd annual formula rate update filings; principal internal auditor for Exelon and external auditor for accounting firm now named RSM US LLP.  Adrienne holds a BBA in Accountancy from Loyola University Chicago and is a registered CPA.

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WiP Webinar_Community of the Future_Adrienne Grier V6

Discussion About Women in the Energy Field

Organized and chaired by Dr. Catalina Spataru, Energy Institute, University College London and WiP Regional Representative for Europe
Presenters: Virginia Gori, Melissa Lott, Marianne Zeyringer

As a part of the webinar, we discussed career paths for women in the energy field, our experiences, career paths and we gave examples of problems we try to solve. We talked about Engineering/Energy Systems as a Positive Career Choice for Women, about work which lies at the intersection of engineering technology and policy and work which lies at the nexus between energy systems and public health. Also we discussed energy-saving-oriented measures in the built environment, essential to attain the climate change agenda obligations.

hhh 20140324_064918

Virginia Gori is currently PhD student at the UCL Energy Institute, where she also completed a Master of Research in Energy Demand Studies. The focus of Virginia’s MRes and PhD is the implementation of a novel method to estimate the U-value of a building element from monitoring campaigns on real buildings and the investigation of the uncertainties associated with it.

Virginia holds a bachelor degree in Building Engineering from Università degli studi di Firenze (Italy). Her bachelor dissertation focused on the prediction of the heating energy needs of urban neighbourhoods. This project, based on the “Raster Cities” approach first introduced by Prof. Carlo Ratti and Prof. Paul Richens, started during a visit at the Senseable City Lab at MIT (USA) and resulted in several publications.Virginia’s research interests include energy demand reduction in the built environment and sustainable design, both at the urban and building level. She is also interested in exploring the physics of building elements by means of monitoring campaigns and simulation models to assess the thermodynamic performance of the building envelope.

Melissa C. Lott has worked for more than 10 years as an energy systems engineer and consultant in the United States and Europe. She specializes in technology, economic, and policy analysis, in particular related to energy system efficiency optimization. Before joining the University College London, Ms. Lott worked at the International Energy Agency and was the primary author on the IEA’s Technology Roadmap on energy storage. She has also worked on federal-level energy policy as a Presidential Management Fellow at the U.S. Department of Energy and at the White House Council on Environmental Quality. An active writer and public speaker, Ms. Lott currently writes for Scientific American’s “Plugged In” blog. She also serves as an advisor on Alstom’s International Science and Technology Committee. In 2013 Forbes Magazine named her as a “30 under 30 in Energy”.  Ms. Lott holds two masters degrees – in Mechanical Engineering and Public Affairs – from UT Austin in addition to a Bachelor of Science in Biological Systems Engineering from the UC Davis. She is currently a Doctoral Researcher at the UCL’s Institute for Sustainable Resources in London, United Kingdom.

Marianne Zeyringer joined the UCL Energy Institute as a Research Associate in November 2013. She is part of the whole systems energy modelling consortium (wholeSEM). Before coming to UCL, Marianne had been working for 3 years at the European Commission Joint Research Centre- Institute for Energy and Transport. She has been pursuing joint doctoral studies on spatially and temporally explicit energy modelling at Utrecht University and BOKU University, Vienna. During her PhD she also participated in the Young Scientists Summer Program at IIASA where she was working on a spatially explicit electricity model for Kenya. Before, Marianne had studied “Environmental Technology” as well as “Economics” in Vienna. She has work experience with various national and international organisations working on energy issues such as IIASA, the United Nations Division for Sustainable Development and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD).

Life Begins at the End of Your Comfort Zone

Presenter(s): Simay Akar, Overseas Marketing Manager, Talesun Solar
Date: January 28, 2016
Duration: 1 hour.

Smart Village – Going Beyond the Lightbulb

Presenter(s): Nirupama Prakash Kuma, Product Manager, Business Development, NextEra Energy Resources
Date: November 10, 2015
Duration: 1 hour.

IEEE Smart Village has been striving to get basic electrical services to a million people in 5 years, in the most underserved regions of the world, through renewable energy sources. Its ultimate goal is to get electrical services to 50 million people in the next 10 years. However, IEEE Smart Village aims to go beyond just lighting and electrical services. Through its model of partnerships with local NGOs and Entrepreneurs, it strives to create local businesses and local jobs. Through its initiatives in education and community based solutions, it aims to create community development with lasting change. All these initiatives make IEEE Smart Village unique, in the sense that it is going ‘beyond the light bulb’ to create truly Smart Villages around the world. This talk will introduce IEEE Smart Village and its various initiatives to achieve its vision.

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Electric Utility Crossroads Includes Renewables, Storage, and a Workforce in Transition.

Presenter(s): Wanda Reder, Chief Strategy Officer, S&C Electric Company
Date: July 14, 2015
Duration: 1 hour

Wanda Reder started at S&C Electric Company in 2004 as VP of Power Systems Solutions and is now the Chief Strategy Officer. Prior to S&C, she held various power delivery leadership positions at ComEd / Exelon and Northern States Power.  Wanda is a member of the US Department of Energy’s Electricity Advisory Committee, is on the IEEE Board as Division VII Director and on the IEEE Foundation Board. Wanda is the Founder of IEEE PES Scholarship Plus Initiative, a Signature program that has provided 733 scholarships to 466 students. She launched the IEEE Smart Grid, now enjoying over 27,000 LinkedIn and 11,000 Twitter followers.

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The Role of PES Technical Committees in Leading and Supporting Our Industry

Presenter(s): Damir Novosel, IEEE PES, VP Technology and Technical Council Chair and Jeff Nelson, 2013 Technical Council Chair
Date: January 7, 2013
Duration: 1 hour, 13 minutes

IEEE/PES Technical Committee are part of an industry that is revitalizing and re-inventing itself for the 21st Century. IEEE PES and its Technical Committees are at the forefront of these significant and exciting efforts. This presentation will share Technical Council and Committees activities, successes and plans for the future.

Download Presentation (MP4, 77MB – right click to save)

The Unfair Advantage

Presenter(s): David Chiesa, Manager of Business Development, S&C Electric Company
Date: January 24, 2013
Duration: 1 hour

Do you want an unfair advantage you can see, hear and feel in every aspect of your life? Whether you are an engineer, accountant or IT professional, discover how to see the real meaning in your daily interactions. In this webinar, you will learn three simple skills you can immediately use to achieve positive results and communicate better, in any situation.

Download Presentation (MP4, 73MB – right click to save)

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