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The 7th IEEE PES EI² 2023 WIP Forum

On December 16, 2023, the 7th IEEE Conference on Energy Internet and Energy System Integration, (EI² 2023) IEEE PCCC Women in Power (WIP) Forum and the Key Technology of Flexible DC Distribution in Load-intensive Areas was successfully held. The forum is sponsored by IEEE PES China Chapter Council Women in Power (IEEE PCCC WIP) and Zhejiang University. The forum theme is the Key Technology of Flexible DC Distribution in Load-intensive Areas, which is based on the National Key Research and Development Plan Project of China.

Photo of all participants

Dr. Jessica Bian, President of IEEE PES, gave a speech entitled “Women in Power – WIP Platform for Preparing Future Leaders” and shared the IEEE PES academic seminars and engineering practice training and other diversified academic help and support. In particular, she explained the mission and tasks of IEEE PES WIP. She pointed out that WIP serves ambitious, professional women in the power and energy industry who are looking for leadership positions and career advancement. And the skills, networking and mentorship that are offered benefit women throughout the industry, whether they are students, engineers, attorneys, policy makers or accountants. But this is not just for women. Anyone could benefit from the professional development offered and everyone is welcome to join. For instance, today’s WIP Forum in EI² 2023 has the support and participation of both women and men compatriots. She encouraged more women and young members to join IEEE PES and WIP.

Dr. Jessica Bian’s welcome speech

IEEE PCCC WIP Hangzhou regional representative, Prof. Ying Huang (Vice Dean of College of Electrical Engineering, Zhejiang University), and Assoc. Prof. Ningyi Dai (the Assistant Dean of Faculty of Science and Technology, University of Macau), who are two outstanding female science and technology talents, hosted the following keynote speech session.

WIP Forum Host Prof. Ying Huang and Assoc. Prof. Ningyi Dai

Yuebin Zhou (Senior Engineer of China Southern Power Grid Electric Power Research Institute) gave a speech entitled “Embedded VSC Technology and Compact Environment-friendly Equipment in Urban MV Distribution System”. He introduced the latest research progress of flexible distribution system and compact environmental friendly equipment in urban medium voltage distribution network of China Southern Power Grid. Dr. Shuai Shao (Associate Professor, Zhejiang University) gave a speech on “Flexible DC Distribution Equipment Based on Series-connected SiC MOSFETs”, which addressed the research progress and future development direction of flexible DC distribution devices such as series-connected SiC MOSFET for next-generation power electronics equipment. Dr. Hongcai Zhang (Assistant Professor, University of Macau) gave a lecture on “Optimal Power Flow in Distribution Network Based on Constraint Learning”. He introduced frontier research in the area of optimal power flow under chance constraints based on stochastic-constrained learning and related mathematical insights. Ruihuang Liu (Senior Engineer of Research Institute of State Grid Jiangsu Electric Power Company) gave a speech entitled “Efficient and Flexible AC/DC Power Distribution Technology in Multi-scenarios”, shared under the increasing integration of distributed photovoltaic, data center, electric vehicle and other scenarios, how to intelligently upgrade the advanced technology and demonstration projects of the flexible distribution network. Yi Lu (Senior Engineer of Research Institute of State Grid Zhejiang Electric Power Company) gave a talk on “Flexible Multi-state Switch Technology and Application”. He explained in detail the advantages of using the flexible multi-state switch to replace the traditional contact switch and its practical application in improving distributed generation integration, power supply reliability, and meeting other customized needs in urban distribution networks.

Keynote speakers

The lectures were wonderful and attracted high-level experts from power grid companies, universities, research institutes and other units to participate in the discussion. The question and discussion session were particularly enthusiastic. The audience responded warmly and asked relevant questions about the speeches, and all participants jointly discussed the latest development of compact, efficient and environmentally friendly flexible power distribution system.

Live audience

At the end of the forum, the host Prof. Ying Huang and Assoc. Prof. Ningyi Dai awarded the certificate of special invitation to all the keynote speakers and took a group photo. The forum focused on the key technology of flexible DC distribution in load-intensive areas, attracting the participation of women and young representatives in the industry, especially the chairman of the forum for two outstanding female representatives of flexible DC power distribution direction. The successful convening of the forum, made a positive contribution to promote the transformation and upgrading of traditional distribution system in urban load-intensive area.

Group photo of hosts and keynote speakers

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