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Newsletter – Jun 2023


PES WIP CSW Forum 66 : Importance of social recognition to the women with outstanding
contributions to SDGs

Until now, the social status and influence of most women in the world do not match their
contributions, so women generally lack self-confidence. The establishment of the Awards for
Women in Engineering, in addition to recognizing the winners, will also inspire relevant
female engineers and give them the motivation to fight for the same goal. Human beings are
the most potential special energy. Equitable recognition of individuals who have made
outstanding contributions will accelerate the sustainable development of the world.

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NGO CSW 67 Parallel Forum – Why and how to promote roles of elder females of S&T fields

Today, the proportion of the elderly population in the world continues to rise, but the only
option after entering the old age is to provide for the aged? But in fact, it’s not.
Especially older female scientific and technological workers have rich knowledge and
practical experience. In addition, as women, they care more about human needs and the
protection of the natural environment, and are better at coordinating and dealing with
various social conflicts.

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