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NGO CSW 67 Parallel Forum – Why and how to promote roles of elder females of S&T fields

Foreword: Today, the proportion of the elderly population in the world continues to rise, but the only option after entering the old age is to provide for the aged? But in fact, it’s not. Especially older female scientific and technological workers have rich knowledge and practical experience. In addition, as women, they care more about human needs and the protection of the natural environment, and are better at coordinating and dealing with various social conflicts.

On March 13, during the 67th NGO Committee on the Status of Women (NGO CSW 67), the New Future Foundation organized a parallel forum on “Why and how to promote the role of older women in technology”. The forum aims to discuss the promotion of the role of older women in the field of science and technology, while also contributing to the development of women’s status and rights. Dr. Ruomei Li, former chair of IEEE PES WIP, served as the chair of the forum. The forum invited Queen Mother Blakely, chair of the New Future Foundation, Rob Stephen, former chairman of CIGRE, Cheng Donghong, former vice chair of the China Association for Science and Technology, and Maria Jesus Prieto-Laffargue, former chair of WFEO, to deliver keynote speeches Speeches were also attended by Wang Rize, a researcher at the Sichuan Energy Internet Research Institute of Tsinghua University, Jiawei Wang, chair of the Danish branch of WIP, Dr. Gan Wei from Cardiff University, and Sun Jing, a WIP volunteer. Hosted by Dr. Root.

Dr. Ruomei Li, the chair of the forum, first delivered a speech. She said that the role of older women in the field of science and technology should be promoted. People are living longer, but both old and middle-aged people need to be treated with respect. We should pay more attention to this because every human life needs to be respected.

In her speech, Queen Mother said that the use of the experience of female tech experts and the participation of older women in tech are critical. We need to balance technology and participation, pass on legacy, and work towards building a sustainable world for the future. She believes that young women should join science and technology research and learn the skills and abilities of older women, which will be necessary for our society in the rapid development of science and technology.

Rob Stephen started by introducing the CIGRE organization, which consists of 4350 experts in more than 90 countries who unite to solve common technical problems. He then stated that although women are relatively underrepresented in the field, research has found that they bring different perspectives and additional diversity to the discussion, suggesting solutions that men would not think of, changing the dynamics within working groups. dynamic, allowing for more open and generous discussions, so the importance of discovering women in tech cannot be overlooked.

In her speech, Dr Ruomei Li encouraged young women to get involved in technology to address gender imbalance. She said that older women have rich experience and knowledge in the field of science and technology, and should be given more opportunities and resources to contribute to the development of diversity and inclusion. She said that mentality has an important impact on health, so everyone should be respected, especially women and the elderly. She then shared her own experience. He believed that the world is progressing, and women’s role in leadership is becoming more and more important, which will bring more benefits to social development. She said that we should not let down those who have helped us, money cannot buy time, we should make good use of and enjoy every day.

Cheng Donghong started from her own experience. She said that after retirement, she hopes to stand behind young people and give them some encouragement. She believes that discussions with young people do not need to be too formal, and young people should be encouraged to speak out their thoughts and give some advice when they need it.

Maria Jesus Prieto-Laffargue believes that matching population aging and population imbalance with the needs of global inclusive and sustainable development requires the right ethics, which means high-quality scientific and engineering talents. The sheer nature of technological disruption requires skills and attributes unique to older women in science and engineering, and senior women engineers and scientists should have the option to retire voluntarily to encourage them to join boards and networks for high-profile debate supported by international institutions, governments and businesses .

Afterwards, all the participants had a heated discussion on the topic of this forum.

Gan Wei asked Ruomei Li: “Many male researchers serve as assistants to women. Do you think young women can also serve as mentors to young men?” Dr. Ruomei Li replied, “Diversification and independent thinking are important, whether young people Whether it is the elderly, male or female, everyone should have space to express their views and thoughts. We should respect everyone’s independent ideas and values, rather than just focusing on titles or status. Achieve yourself and make yourself valuable It is the goal that everyone should pursue.”

Jiawei Wang worked in the power system, and she found that there were more men than women. She asked Ruomei Li, “As an older woman, do you think technology and science should help promote gender balance, such as having more girls in academia?” Inequity does exist, and women need to be given more opportunities, especially those who are mothers or have more family responsibilities. This can be achieved by providing flexible ways of studying and working. Doing so can help improve gender balance and Empowering more women to participate in the digital technology age”.

Wang Rize from Tsinghua Sichuan Energy Internet Research Institute asked Ruomei LI “Older women working in science and technology may be role models for other older men, is it possible for us to eliminate discrimination against older women and help older women do better in science and technology ?”, Ruomei LI replied, “Improving women’s influence in the field of science and technology needs to use their thinking advantages and focus on the direction of climate change. Although they cannot change their disadvantages, they can use what they are good at.”

Dr. Li Gen, an associate professor from the Technical University of Denmark, believes that older leaders in the power industry give young professionals the opportunity to participate in networking and join industry associations, and create a platform for them to help them build experience and relationships. In addition, the contributions and risk-taking spirit of older leaders are important to guide the career development of young people.

At the end, Dr. Li Ruomei made a concluding speech, she said that we should strive to do a better job every day, and share opinions and opportunities, instead of pursuing perfection. Sometimes missed opportunities can also bring you new development opportunities, increase your network, and lay the foundation for greater contributions.

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