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WiP holds webinar on July 25, 2021

The WIP Committee arranged an online meeting on 25th July 2021. It was attended by the WIP Leadership Advisory Committee representative and the WIP Committee members from different countries and regions of the world. The meeting was moderated by Dr. Ruomei Li, Chair of the PES WIP.

Dr. Ruomei Li made the opening remarks. She introduced the three main items of the meeting —to make some announcements of new structure, to look at the next activities and the future work on media working group or TV.

Romero Julia, emphasized the importance of ideas for innovative concepts. She also suggested to focus on regional focus, like specific areas that are of interest for women or on the young professional health. She expressed her willingness to facilitate to realize the good ideas of the members of WIP through funding ways etc. She encouraged to increase the student membership proportion especially in Region 1-7 comparing with the optimistic situation in Region 8-10.

Gen Li, the Vice Chair of Young professional, proposed to organize more virtual activities through collaboration between WIP members.

Lisiien Leon, Vice Chair of PES WIP, reported the activity progress of workshop and technical visit, and she suggested to set up outstanding volunteer award.

AdithyaRajeev, the web media leader, hoped to receive help from all the regional representatives. She planed firstly to find some core social media like WhatsApp or telegram group for immediate communication between WIP media group volunteers.

Jelena Ponocko, representative of UK and Ireland, reported the recent event of women in engineering in this region.

StajiWilso, Chair of Membership and representative of Chapter of India, said she is planning a virtual conference in India in September with support of PES Council chair of India, hopefully to give guidance to region 1-7 on membership development.

AJ KumarMachani, Vice Chair of PES WIP, reported the progress in the membership development and marketing, and the development of website with the situation of the pandemic.

Other attendees also shared their experience or made remarks on future planning.

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