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WiP holds webinar on July 1, 2021

The PES WIP Committee organized an online meeting on 1st July 2021. The meeting was attended by the WIP Leadership Advisory Committee representative and the WIP Committee members from different countries and regions of the world. Dr. Ruomei Li, chair of PES WIP moderated the meeting.

Dr. Ruomei LI welcomed everybody and delivered the opening speech first. She then introduced the next speakers to the attendees.

Shay Bahramirad, Founder of WIP, then give an excellent report. She explained that the mission of WIP was to create local and global communities to support the advancement of diversity and inclusion in energy sector and diversity of thoughts, gender and geography at the same time. The women in engineering platform at the IEEE level will highlight female leaders and they get the support and the visibility to be successful in the area. And she spoke highly of the women in power conference in India, China and Romanian.

AJ Kumar, vice chair of PES WIP, give a report of WIP monthly work. She shared the progress of WIP community in the context of the global pandemic. Now, the vaccination program is going on and the economy is opening and we are back to normal but there are still risks. The team will need to move forward with other protocols to develop its website to give better visibility to our members.

Ying Wang, WIP Secretary, assistant to the Secretary assistant shared the latest WIP membership information and a WIP newsletter. The total number of WIP membership increased from 388 to 700 and straight in May 2021.She also shared the monthly increase for all regions, the gender distribution and the level distribution of WIP membership. And then Dr. Ruomei Li analyzed the situation and reason of the change of the number of members.

Celia Shahnaz from Region 10 then described the WIP sessions in PES GM 2021. She introduced the participants, especially women, at the Energy Research and Innovation Summit in June. She said that female participants has shown interest in power and energy, so this is important to keep these members in power and energy society. She said that a lot of collaboration has been within women in engineering , and will do more with the student community. And she invited everyone to join those events.

Two chapter representatives gave brief presentations on their relevant situations.

During the conference, Dr. Ruomei Li made some announcements. The first one is, the nomination of volunteer positions is open to all of WIP members. The second one is, each volunteer position requires a two-year term. The third one is an award should be set up within WIP Committee.

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