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Mathieu, Johanna

Mathieu, Johanna is an associate professor of electrical engineering and computer science in the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Michigan.

Prof. Mathieu’s research focuses on ways to reduce the environmental impact, cost, and inefficiency of electric power systems via new operational and control strategies. She is particularly interested in developing new methods to actively engage distributed flexible resources such as energy storage, electric loads, and distributed renewable resources in power system operation. This is especially important in power systems with high penetrations of intermittent renewable energy resources such as wind and solar. In her work, she uses methods from a variety of fields including control systems and optimization, and applies engineering methods to inform energy policy. Prior to joining the University of Michigan, she was a postdoc in the Power Systems Laboratory at ETH Zurich in Switzerland. She received her MS and PhD from the University of California at Berkeley in mechanical engineering and her BS from MIT in ocean engineering.

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