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Women in Power Forum of 2022 4th International Conference on Smart Power & Internet Energy Systems

Women in Power Forum (WIP) of 2022 4th International Conference on Smart Power & Internet Energy Systems (SPIES2022) has been successfully held on December 10th, 2022!

The forum was sponsored by IEEE PES Beijing Chapter and IEEE PES China Chapter Council WIP, co-sponsored by IEEE PELS China Council WIE and China Power Supply Society Women Scientists Working Committee. With the topic of “Facing the Challenges of Novel Power Systems-Inspiring More Female Engineers”, a group of outstanding female researchers and technicians in the electrical industry gathered online. These experts presented their frontier research on the modern power system and shared their rich experience in facing difficulties and opportunities in the industry. During the forum, the participating experts collided with ideas and exchanged experiences from the perspective of female researchers or technicians, demonstrating the extraordinary creativity of female workers in scientific research and engineering projects.

We were very honored to have 3 outstanding professionals in the electrical field to deliver the opening remarks, which encouraged all participants to take part in each part of the forum actively. They are Prof. Ruomei Li, the former Chair of IEEE PES WIP, Prof. Hua Geng, the General Chair of SPIES 2022, IEEE Fellow, and Professor of Tsinghua University, and Prof. Zhaohong Bie, the General Co-Chair of SPIES 2022, Chair of IEEE PES China Chapter Council, Vice Chair of IEEE PES WIP, IEEE Fellow, and Vice President of Xi’an Jiaotong University.

At the very first, Prof. Ruomei Li talked about the pressure of achieving the zero-carbon goal in China and described the efforts that need to be made by female scientific researchers under the rapid development of electrical technology. Prof. Hua Geng highly praised the contributions of female scientists to the electrical field and called on more people to help the career development of female scientists. Besides, he provided sincere suggestions on how to support the career development of female scientists. Prof. Zhaohong Bie spoke highly of the resilience of female scientists in life and work, appreciated female scientists for their great contributions to the electrical field, and encouraged everyone to devote themselves to the construction of modern power systems and create a better future.

The Opening of SPIES2022WIP Forum

The WIP forum was hosted by Assoc. Prof. Tong Wang from North China Electric Power University and Prof. Hong Li from Beijing Jiaotong University. In the forum, many keynote speakers shared their frontier research, including the Chief Engineer of the DC Technology Center of State Grid Co., Ltd., Prof. Lingling Xu; the Director of the Academic Affairs Office of North China Electric Power University, Prof. Chongru Liu; the Director and Secretary of the Party Branch of the Institute of New Electrical Materials in State Grid Corporation of China, Prof. Yu Han; the Director of the Electrical Department of the School of Electrical and Automation Engineering in Hefei University of Technology, Prof. Mingyao Ma; the Chief Engineer and National Registered Consultant of the Institute of New Energy and Statistics in State Grid Energy Research Institute, Prof. Caixia Wang; and the Research Assistant of Department of Electrical Engineering and Applied Electronics Technology in Tsinghua University, Dr. Xiaoqian Li. All opening remark speakers, keynote speakers and special guest Prof. Xiaohui Qu from the School of Electrical Engineering of Southeast University participated in the panel discussion and the university-enterprise joint session.

Prof. Ruomei Li and Prof. Zhaohong Bie shared thoughts during the panel discussion

For the topic “Bottlenecks Problem of Female Engineers’ Careers”, Prof. Ruomei Li believes that one of the secrets for women to overcome all difficulties and bottlenecks is tolerance. With regard to this issue, Prof. Zhaohong Bie also pointed out that women have advantages such as resilience, good communication, gentleness and tolerance, and noted the importance of teamwork for women’s career development. Maximizing the advantages and making full use of teamwork can help women break through their career bottlenecks. Regarding the topic of “career development of female scientists”, Prof. Lingling Xu said that she does not think there is any difference between women and men in the pursuit of career development. As women, we don’t need to deliberately emphasize our female identity, and we only need to complete every task seriously in our work. Keep working with enthusiasm, we can ensure the rapid development of our career. About the topic of “Current Situation and Development of Low-Proportion Women at Senior Levels in Domestic Societies “, Prof. Chongru Liu said that part of the reason for the “distribution of scissors” is due to women’s self-selection. Facing scientific research work, gender differences impact little, and even women also have certain advantages in some aspects. Regarding the topic of “Obstacles of Communication and Implementation Between Female Teachers and Enterprises”, Prof. Xiaohui Qu shared her experience in cooperation with the business community, pointing out that fully considering the needs of enterprises when communicating with enterprises can effectively promote school-enterprise cooperation.

Prof. Zhaohong Bie presented Excellent Women Award to Prof. Ruomei Li

At the end of the forum, Prof. Zhaohong Bie presented two special awards to the outstanding female scientists who participated in the forum. The Excellent Women Award was awarded to Prof. Ruomei Li, the former chairman of IEEE PES WIP, to appreciate Prof. Li for her long-term encouragement, support and love for female engineers. The Women Scientists Forum Excellent Paper Award was awarded to Miss. Ye Zhang from Liaoning Electric Power Trading Center Co., Ltd., Miss. Wenting Wang from Harbin Institute of Technology, and Miss. Su Yu from China Electric Power Research Institute in recognition of three outstanding conference papers published at the conference.

The convening of this forum will encourage young female scientists to move forward bravely and provide young female scientists with opportunities for academic growth and scientific research projects. This forum also described a clearer and clearer direction for future female scientists, and paved the way for more and more women to join the electrical industry in the future. It is a forum of great development and guidance.

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