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Newsletter – Mar.2021


Women in power, rebuild the world from COVID-19 —- A Parallel Event in NGO CSW65 Virtual Forum 2021

PES Day Women in Power Initiative

PES WiP Update: A Virtual Session at IEEE TENSYMP 2020

WiPIEEE PES WiP in conjunction with WIE AG Bangladesh Section and IEEE Bangladesh Section (supported by WePower, a initiative of World bank) arranged a virtual session in IEEE TENSYMP 2020 on 6th of June 2020. The session was attended by a total of around 65 speakers and participants from 14 different countries…


Region 10 WiP International Women’s Day Celebration 2021

IEEE PES Women in Power Summit in R10 at 6th IEEE WIECON-ECE

WiPThe summit was organized by the IEEE PES Women in Power (WiP) Region 10 in collaboration with WIE AG Bangladesh Section, IEEE Bangladesh Section, IEEE Bhubaneswar Subsection, and IEEE WIE AG Bhubaneswar SubSection. WePower, a world bank initiative, was the partner for the summit.


PES WiP Update: Events in PES GM, Power Africa and Science and Tech Forum

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