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Summary of IEEE PES DAY 2021 Forums “Creating a New Era of Energy and Environmental Protection” and “More Women are Needed in Energy and Environmental Protection”

On April 16, 2021, two online forums with the themes of “Creating a New Era of Energy and Environmental Protection” and “More Women are needed in Energy and Environmental Protection” were successfully held in Nanjing, China. As part of the Global IEEE PES Day event, the forums were jointly organized by IEEE PES WIP China and Hohai University, and in the form of online presentations and discussions. Experts participating in the forums were Dr. Shay Bahramirad (vice president of IEEE PES New Initiatives and Outreach), Ms. Mercy Chelangat (vice president of IEEE PES Day 2021), Dr. Ruomei Li (chair of IEEE PES WIP), Professor Xueping Pan (vice president of College of Energy and Electrical Engineering of Hohai University), and many other outstanding female scholars. in addition, many science and technology workers and students who are interested in energy and environmental protection also participated in this activity. Each forum is divided into three parts: Welcoming Address, Keynote Speech and Question and Answer Session.

The forum “Create a New Era of Energy and Environmental Protection” was hosted by Dr. Zhenfei Chen, the IEEE PES Chapter ambassador of Nanjing, Hohai University. She firstly introduced the origin of PES Day, and then invited Dr. Ruomei Li, the president of WIP Association, to give a speech on behalf of IEEE PES WIP China. Dr. Ruomei Li introduced the history and the development of IEEE PES and WIP, and wished the conference great success. Prof. Xueping Pan then delivered a speech on behalf of Hohai University. She first thanked IEEE PES and all participants for their support to this activity. Then she introduced the development of Hohai University and the contribution on IEEE PES since the establishment of IEEE Nanjing Branch. Meanwhile, as a female expert in the energy field, she called on more women to join us for a better world in the future.

There are three speakers in this forum. Shay Bahramirad from Chicago, USA delivered a report titled “Climate Change Impacts on the Electricity Sector”. She introduced the impact and solutions of climate change on the power grid in US. Next, Ms. Mercy Chelangat from PES Kenya shared with us her personal experience in WIP/WIE and analyzed the challenges faced by women engineers, advantages of WIP and advice for women engineers. In the end, Professor Lili Hao from Nanjing University of Technology delivered a report titled“Scenario-based Unit Commitment Optimization for Power System with Large-scale Wind Power Participating in Primary Frequency Regulation”. It contained some relevant knowledge of frequency regulation in large-scale wind power system.

After the presentations, the forum entered the Q&A session. During this session, Prof. Lili Hao firstly asked Dr. Shay Bahramirad a question about the policies of the United States in environmental protection. Ruomei Li also asked her what measures PES could take to reduce carbon emissions. Dr. Shay Bahramirad replied respectively. The forum of “Creating a New Era of Energy and Environmental Protection” came to an end amid the wonderful and heated discussion among the guests.

The forum “More Women Are Needed in Energy and Environmental Protection” was hosted by Jiayu Li, the student ambassador of IEEE Student Chapter.

First of all, Dr. Xiaorong Sun from Hohai University gave a speech entitled “Large-scale day-ahead Unit Commitment with configuration-based Combined Cycle Units”. Dr. Sun’s presentation provided new ideas for future solutions of complex power systems. The second speaker is Dr. Xia Zhou from Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications. She delivered a report on “A developing era of 5G with environmental protection”. She said that 5G communication technology will play a huge role in future electric power network. Then, Dr. Baiou Shi from Pennsylvania State University also gave us an academic report about “Scenario-based unit commitment optimization for power system with large-scale wind power participating in primary frequency regulation”. The report “Development status and challenges of offshore wind power operation and maintenance” was delivered by Zhixin Fu from Hohai University. She described the development status and challenges of offshore wind power operation and maintenance, and put forward several suggestions for future offshore wind power technology research. Finally, Yang Cao, a doctor student from Hohai University, delivered a report entitled “Analysis of new energy integration capability of regional power grid”, which explained the advantages and prospects of new energy in future energy optimization.

During the Q&A session, Xiaohan Peng, a student attending the meeting, asked Dr. Xia Zhou “What will the 5G era bring to people’s lives?” Dr. Zhou said”5G era has brought about great changes in my life, such as making it possible for us to telecommute from home and some smart home services.” In addition, Jingjing Zhang asked Dr. Zhixin Fu “What do you think the most urgent problem to be solved in the operation and maintenance of off-shore wind power?” Dr. Fu answered, “The most urgent problem to be solved is high cost, so we should find ways to improve the technology and reduce the cost.”

In the two forums of this conference, experts at home and abroad all gave suggestions on energy and environmental protection in the way of reports or discussions, which received good responses from the audience. The success of this conference cannot be achieved without the strong support of IEEE PES WIP China and hard work of volunteers from Hohai University such as Ning Xing and Chenyang Fan. Through this conference, we hope that more and more students can actively participate in the team of environmental protection. At the same time, we hope more and more women will play salient roles in the energy field in the future.

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