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WiP Committee Web-Meeting on Nov 6, 2021

Date: 06 Nov 2021
Time: 09:00~10:00 AM, EDT
Zoom Meeting
Moderator: Ruomei LI, WIP Chair

Meeting Attendees:

Ruomei Li, Lisien Leon, Chinelo Okafor, Adithya Rajeev, Celia Shahnaz, Wendy Guo, Bokani Mtengi, Omowunmi Longe, Mercy Chelangat, Jelena Ponocko, Olga Anderson, Gen Li, Tong li, Jiawei Wang, Keteng Jiang, Jing Sun, Huang Tong

Meeting agenda:

1. Opening Address: Ruomei Li

Dr. Ruomei Li expressed her welcome to participants to the meeting and introduced the main topics for today’s meeting. The first thing is to remind all participants to submit the confirmed recent activities and the future activity plan. The second topic is to update the Chapter position opening and application status. The third topic is to listen to different participants and exchange the recent information.

2. Discussion

Celia Shahnaz’s speech and discussion

Ruomei invited Celia Shahnaz who has been elected as the WIE Chair, to give some words.

Celia firstly expressed her thanks to have the opportunity to talk in the meeting. She thinks it is important for PES Members to participate technical activities. It will really help growing and retaining our membership. To make our network stronger, we should collaborate between regions, between chapters and emphasize more on technical activities. The majority of the students are undergraduate student. They’d like to do their research, to write their papers, so that they can get a good master submission. These students can get the benefit in IEEE registration. So, Celia always focused on technical activities, and she appealed that we pull up and support each other. Celia will talk about WIE in January. And she thanked Ruomei for her support and thanked all for supporting each other.

Ruomei commented that there are only about 700 members in WIP and hoped Celia could further support WIP when she starts her Chair in WIE organization. Celia commented that we should not be upset about the less member numbers of WIP. In fact, we have lots of PES female members, but they do not know the information and they don’t know they should go to the website to register themselves.

Introduction of Dr. Omowunmi Longe

Ruomei has introduced Omowunmi Longe from Africa who is announced as one of the Vice Chair. Since Mercy is having new responsibilities, and Dr. Omowunmi Longe is nominated and approved as one of the Vice Chaire. Ruomei invited Dr. Omowunmi Longe to give some words.

Dr. Omowunmi Longe firstly thanked the nomination and the approval, and she’s willing to serve in. And she will put into her abilities and experience and help to work with everyone on board to move WIP forward globally.
Roumei thanked Dr. Omowunmi Longe’s contribution to organize events in Africa.

Lisien Leon to introduce the WIP Global Summit

Lisien Leon shared the status of the preparation for WIP Global Summit. The program chair has coordinated for each session and we have invited different leaders in WIP to participate. To catch up more attendees in the summit, currently the media team have shared the information in different social media, soon a video will be posted too. The team were working very hard.

One more thing need everyone to do is to send the activity videos from our previous activities globally, to produce a pre-recorded video, which will be a part in the summit to show our WIP activities around the world.

Dr Gen Li introduced event in EU

On 20th Oct a special session is organized with the topic about the impact of climate change to power factory and our reaction. There are several experts were invited to talk about different perspectives and the attitudes for the future you’d actually persistent to face the future climate change and extreme weather. The event was successful. We received the comments and questions from the audience, and our experts shared their answers. It was quite interesting because this is the first technical session that we show more focused on showing experience from our role models from the University, from industry. We are now working on making a brief report, and then share it.

Ruomei commented that from industry from a university and there are young people, we have middle aged people. We need to make a corporation. And Ruomei suggested to give more WIP volunteers the opportunities for them to speak. We should recognize the volunteers to make real contributions, and we need to provide more opportunities to young people.

About volunteers’ serve term and new volunteer positions

Ruomei introduced that all WIP volunteer positions are opened and this is to get more people to gain opportunities to contribute. And recently she has had discussion about the serving term of volunteers within committee. The committee members are all agreed that two years is a proper term. And it was agreed that for every year, we have to update about the activity status. If there’s no activity at all in one section, the volunteer position must be opened again.

The secretary team has prepared a brief update for the volunteer application status. Tong Li presented the application status of Chapter application. Firstly the application links are published in WIP website and in total 346 positions are open for applying. Until 31st October we have received 93 applications and among which there are 85 applications which are qualified. In some sections there are multiple applications so later on we will need to discuss a process how to determine the final candidate.

Celia asked the question about when there is already a Chapter in a section, if the Chapter will need to apply again. Ruomei answered the question that it’s recommended to apply again and the Section Representative could nominate and support the application. Celia commented that in her Region she usually request the representatives to nominate the Chapter volunteers that they know, who are performing very well in the local chapter. It is a great job to open the positions to all. Then the suggestion is to share this detailed information to the chapter chair, so that they can really give this information to the local volunteer. It will create more visibility. Ruomei is fully agreed with comment and mentioned that the applicant should come from the section location.

Introduce new regional representatives

Olga Anderson: She’s from R6 and is an engineer and educator by training and has my own company that provides sustainable solutions for all grid communities. She worked in humanitarian field for over a year. Olga completely agreed that there are a lot of women in power industry that just don’t know about the or opportunities. She’s going to send out a survey that ask the question about what exactly people are looking for. And for young professionals even students who are just trying to go into power industry, how we could encourage them, how we would create a mentoring environment for them. She would appreciate the input from participants that next she will be trying to start a joint lecture series on leadership empower. There’s a list of about 12 people that would give a monthly seminar. Olga will further share the ideas later.

Chinelo Okafor: She’s from Nigeria in West Africa. She’s an electrical engineer and run a company about training, social media marketing and engineering services. She has been able to set their first meeting in Nigeria and set a goal to increase the membership for WIP. And the second goal is being able to train and impact the students in electrical engineering departments. They will be more concerned on giving engineer skill sets for students in electrical engineering departments in schools in Nigeria.

Wendy Guo: Wendy is from the North America and currently in the Washington DC region. She’s an electrical engineering and hosted a PhD in electrical engineering. And now she’s working more towards the simulation, specially for the smart grid, on how to simulate the inverters and power quality equipment regarding the new grid. She’s doing lots of technical work. Wendy has been in the organization for a while and has participated lot technical seminars. So now she’s considering how she could host more technical seminars, either collaborate with other regions, or just by North America itself, because she thinks through the seminar people are more active to present their ideas and have more interactions. The second thing is about education. Just as participants mentioned, how we give opportunities to young people, how we could attract them to join us. Weny will be glad to get more idea from the meeting participants and WIP members.

Introduction for working volunteers from secretary office

Tong Huang: supported to organize monthly meetings nearly 2 years now. Recently he’s working on resilience.

Keteng JIANG: She’s from a Research Institute from China and is responsible for sending different information via email to all representatives and members.

Jing Sun: He’s the database expert and working on maintenance of our website and publish news etc.

  1. Summary

In the end, Dr Li Ruomei expressed her pity that soon she will have the due day of her service term. She thought she could gain better performance during the two years but due to different reasons she will finish her serving term for 2 years soon. During her long terms of being volunteer in different organization, she thinks it’s important to share information openly and give opportunities and encourage different people to contribute.

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