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WiP Committee Web-Meeting on Aug 29, 2021

Date: 29 Aug 2021
Time: 09:00~10:00 AM, EDT
Zoom Meeting
Moderator: Ruomei LI, WIP Chair

Meeting Attendees:
Ruomei Li, Ajay Kumar, Simay Akar, Adithya Rajeev, Celia Shahnaz, Shay Bahramirad, Preethy Warrier, Laila Beavogui, Mercy Chelangat, Uduak Akpanedet, Keteng Jiang, Tong li, Jiawei Wang, Shiqi Fang, Ying Wang, Jing Sun, Huang Tong

1. Opening Address: Ruomei Li

Ruomei Li
Dr. Ruomei Li announced the goals and key points of this meeting: focus on the requirement and expectation of WIP members. She said that, not only WIP members, but also PES members should contribute more to the development of WIP society. She hopes the members could give their own opinion about the requirement of WIP members.

2. Inviting attendees to share comments

Ajay Kumar
Ajay Kumar and his team gave a short presentation in this meeting. Ajay suggested WIP to set up mini courses, which could promote the awareness of climate change. He said that some people in Africa are lack of the awareness of climate change. Based on that, it is necessary to set up the mini course to help the members learning about climate change and how important, how urgency, how we can reduce the effect of climate change as well as the carbon footprint. Furthermore, PES society and WIP could be promoted through these courses. In the following days, he tends to collaborate the entire team from different regions to collect the opinions, such as how to plan this course better and how to develop materials for this course.

Uduak Akpanedet
Uduak Akpanedet shared the opinions about the media effort. She suggested that it is necessary to develop PES WIP social media to promote items. Such as update PES WIP logos, present templates on website and social media, collect material from each region, recruit volunteers for PES design team. She also gave the suggestions about the forms and content of the promotion: PES WIP regional should be collaborated to promote PES WIP benefits. Flyers could be updated on social media to announce the PES WIP benefits. The event reporting portal should be designed to receive the activities information across the global. As a conclusion, she tends to promote PES WIP newsletter and website on social media.

Laila Beavogui
Laila Beavogui shared her information about the climate change conference. As part of this conference, a global youth engineering climate change conference will be held in September. This conference will focus on the climate change information with a lot of different industry speakers from around the world. Laila explained the definition of youth engineering: in the range of 18-35 years old. She encouraged the WIP members to share this conference information in their own region and feel free to join in.

Mercy Chelangat
In Mercy Chelangat’s presentation, she firstly welcomed Sarah, the new chair of WIP R8 from Jordan. She said, Sarah is a student from technical university and will plan the activities for WIP Africa. She also described the social session that was finished in the past week. She said that, in this social session, you can find that women engineers develop toward the sustainability. And She also organized the technical session in partnership with WIE and PES, call on women to take participate in power and energy research. In the end, she invited the audience to attend the Omicron energizing women summit and share the link, which is coming up this Sep.15.

Celia Celiashahn
Celia Celiashahn is running the election of WIE Chair. She shared her experience and actions of the recent activities. Celia concentrated on the activities, which are able to involve and engage more members. In the last year, she and her colleagues finished WIE 19th congress, and they invited different technical societies, include the women who interested in WIP. She tries to involve more WIP representatives not only in regional 10 but also all members from the whole world. In the end, she showed her wish: more women and PES WIP member are involved in humanitarian technology and project design.

Gen Li
Gen Li is the Vice Chair of IEEE Young Professional, and he used to work in WIP. In this meeting, he shared his comment and work plan due to his experience. Gen Li said that in the past years, IEEE Young Professional has organized different successful activities and events. And at the same time, WIP also organized some excellent activities. In the future, he tends to apply for the collaboration and joint event between 2 committees.

  1. Introduction of the Secretary volunteer team

Sun Jing comes from Beijing and join the committee as the webmaster.
Fang Shiqi made every email which was send from CIGRE.
Wang Ying introduced herself as a post doctor in Tsinghua University. And now she is a member of WIP secretary. She would like to keep contributing to WIP in the future.
Thanks to Huang Tong, who comes from China and got his PHD degree in Texas A&M university, due to his organization of monthly meeting.

  1. Summary

In the end, Dr Li Ruomei said that, although WIP are non-governmental organization, and the members are volunteers without any financial support, WIE are trying their best to provide the opportunities for members to support them, to give them functions and recommendations.

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